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Jezabel - Legiones Del Sur (7,5/10) - Argentina - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Playing time: 56:08
Band homepage: Jezabel


  1. Glaciares
  2. Sigue Un Paso Mas
  3. Alas De Acero
  4. Signes (10 X)
  5. Elegia
  6. Legiones Del Sur
  7. El Tempo Dira
  8. Grito De Libertad
  9. S.A.F.
  10. Fe
  11. Miro Atras
  12. Imagen Del Mundo
Jezabel - Legiones Del Sur
JEZABEL! A name like thunder... I still vividly remember their debut "A Todo O Nada" of last year and a lightning strike would have been more comfortable than this failing album. A rating of 2 out of 10 is the legacy. When "Legiones Del Sur" arrived in my mailbox, my enthusiasm was a little bit dampled, to say the least, but a real Bavarian does not know any fear and even puts a second album into the player…

An intro, "Glaciares" and then "Sigue Un Paso Mas"... Wow! Is this really the same JEZABEL? This song has class, has a good build up, strong guitar work and the keyboards, too, are very well incorporated. And most of all - these vocals! Senor Leandro Coronel apparently has worked and trained a LOT, because suddenly this gentleman has expression, in a good pitch, which fits into the song very well, folks, that is what I call evolution!

And it continues like that, what has happened here? The song structures are variable, with shifting tempos (also within the songs), very good instrumental work, the already mentioned really good vocals, the only thing that actually really has stayed the same is the fact that they sing in Spanish, but I never had any problems with that (neither on "A Todo O Nada"), so the signs for JEZABEL point up indeed, not only compared to the abysmal debut.

Guitar and keyboard solos go hand in hand, embedded in gripping compositions as the powerful "Elegia", "El Tempo Dira" or also "Fe", which, in comparison to the songs of the debut, mark a difference like day and night. And among the rest of the songs there is no fall out material either. Nothing left of the generic HELLOWEEN copying, no vocals anymore that are off key, no gruesome cover version of "I Want Out", but epic Power Metal, which still reminds me of a bunch of other bands, but not as obviously by far anymore, that is good stuff!

I have my doubts that my review has had anything to do with the impressive evolution of JEZABEL, but still, leave me my dream... Anyways, enough dreaming, "Legiones Del Sur" is a strong Power Metal album, which makes me forget the previous blind completely and makes me want to hear more. If the guys continue like this, then the third album maybe will be an absolute highlight, who knows?

Fans of qualitative Power Metal, who do not have any problems with Spanish lyrics should note down JEZABEL's second album, because it has turned out to be surprising quality, respect, gentlemen! (Online October 23, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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