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Iblis - Axiom (8/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Negatron
Playing time: 36:50
Band homepage: -


  1. Transient
  2. Blazing
  3. Odd Grin
  4. Axiom
  5. Infant
  6. La Follia
  7. Neverheard
  8. Molesting Your Soul
Iblis - Axiom
May I introduce: The slightly different Italy!

The band is called IBLIS, consists of three members, who have so typically Italian names like Moonbeam, Thidra and Malignant (;)) and put a great demand on the listener with "Axiom", but read for yourself.

The first few tunes alone were enough to almost make my toe-nails fold in on themselves. "Transient" is the title of the intro and starts out with a violin that could not sound more horrible. But after a few seconds the pain recedes again and a nice piano-melody replaces the horror turned sound, which then leads into a duet of both instruments (not as awful anymore). But after this intro, the revelation - it's getting heavy, very heavy indeed! A merciless riff with speeding drums and vocals, croaky and shrieky like Dani's of CRADLE OF FILTH. So, so, a Black Metal-band. My expectations are lowered a good bit, but what is that? A break, the rhythm is varied, then an excellent guitar-solo. The track gets more and more break-ridden, almost progressive and offers many weird melodies. Then a bass-solo gives me a break before the speed of the beginning picks up again. Whoa, I didn't expect this!

"Odd Grin" also starts with a piano, supported by some moaning, before shifting into a thunderstorm of countless breaks and solos, which make my pants start to flutter. The end of the track is made up by a wonderful piano-piece, which seamlessly turns into the title-track, which only consists of piano and violin, with the brilliant piano-work surely being a revelation for any concert-pianist. Without a breather the melody is continued by "Infant", which comes through with reduced speed, but again convinces with its great number of breaks and rhythm-changes, which really make it hard by now to keep track of the red line. Finally, a breather in form of "La Follia", a melancholic number, only with guitar and clean, spoken vocals, but after a few minutes, this track also turns into a masterpiece for Techno-Proggies (No, Charly does not mean those strange sounds made by computers, but real music! - Alex). "Neverheard" is a sole piano-solo, before the last track "Molesting Your Soul" excels in its mixture of Hyperspeed-blasts and groovy mid-tempo-parts.

So, after those 37 minutes, my concentration is completely shattered and I feel like somebody has given me an overdose of ecstasy, but I've survived this load of eccentric Techno-Prog-Death-Black-Metals! Yoohooo!

Unique and beyond comparison, but for the majority absolutely inaccessible and almost indigestible.

Psychic labile, people suffering from heart-diseases and generally weak of heart should consult their doctor before taking on this album - "The Metal Observer" takes no liability for lasting damage ;)

Charly Kogler

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