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Desaster - Tyrants Of The Netherworld (8/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Iron Pegasus Records
Playing time: 42:27
Band homepage: Desaster


  1. Intro
  2. Nekropolis Karthago
  3. Victim Of My Force
  4. Profanation
  5. Sworn To Avenge
  6. Tyrants Of The Netherworld
  7. Call On The Beast
  8. Battle Oath
  9. Disciples Of Darkness
  10. Reign Of Tyrants
Desaster - Tyrants Of The Netherworld
DESASTER are a pretty obscure German band, and that is a terrible shame, because they are one of the most kick-ass bands I have heard in a long time. This was the third full-length from DESASTER, and it is criminal that a band this good is still so unknown after a decade of foot-to-ass Metal.

DESASTER's style is pretty straightforward, so much so it almost seems revolutionary. Thrashy Metal riffs are the order of the day, fast, catchy and addictive as hell. This band hardly ever plays slow, and this album blisters with neckbreaking tempos and blasts of pure speed. With a style between Death, Thrash and traditional Metal, DESASTER never lose their songwriting focus in the name of speed or aggression, but always remain tight and locked in. The vocals are a rough Thrash style, more of the Tom Warrior school than modern Death-screaming. And as a whole I would have to say this band does sound like a thrashed-up USURPER or CELTIC FROST. All the tracks here are good, but "Nekropolis Karthago", "Sworn To Avenge", and "Battle Oath" are all worthy of especial mention. Hell, the whole CD is just cool, with nothing you could regard as filler.

DESASTER have several more releases, and you can bet I'll be hunting those up as soon as I can, because there is no downside to this band at all. So get this, strap in, and get ready to Thrash your balls off. This rules. (Online October 8, 2003)

Paul Batteiger

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