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Necrodeath - Ton(e)s Of Hate (9/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 38:11
Band homepage: Necrodeath


  1. Mealy-Mouthed Hypocrisy
  2. Perserverance Pays
  3. The Mark Of Dr.Z
  4. The Flag
  5. Queen Of Desire
  6. Petition For Mercy
  7. Last Ton(e)s Of Hate
  8. Evidence From Beyond
  9. Bloodstain Pattern
Necrodeath - Ton(e)s Of Hate
From start to finish Italy's NECRODEATH give us an unrelenting assault of powerful extreme Thrash Metal with enough quality to wipe the floor with most SLAYER releases. "Ton(e)s Of Hate" is packed full of fantastic riffs of varied tempos with plenty of aggression and musical variation thrown into to improve on atmosphere.

It is easy to see why some larger bands like CRADLE OF FILTH mention NECRODEATH as being inspirational to them as some of these riffs do appear to be stylistically like some of those used by CRADLE OF FILTH. The production on this is fantastic as it captures the essence of unrestrained aggression perfectly allowing the band to blast their way through your speakers and into your hearts.

Experimental use of acoustic guitars and female vocals help to add to the atmospheric side of this release even if they are used rarely. Memorable riffs and powerful delivery is what makes this release so powerful as what SLAYER have been missing NECRODEATH have in abundance... Energy, Passion and Attitude. Vocally as well this is more extreme than the vast majority of Thrash Metal as the vocals are tinged with harsh Black Metal styled shrieks to pummel home this attitude of aggression.

There is a very straight forward no nonsense sense to this album that it is extremely appealing due to not being restricted by false pretences as everything just speaks pure attitude. If you are a fan of good Thrash Metal with a nod towards SLAYER and KREATOR then look no further as this release will no doubt be lodged in your CD player so long you will start charging it rent!

Forget LACUNA COIL, this is Italy's best band! Fantastic material, fantastic production, fantastic execution, fantastic album. (Online October 10, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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