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Gods Tower - The Eerie (9/10) - Belarus - 1997

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Metal Agen
Playing time: 51:06
Band homepage: Gods Tower


  1. Reign Of Silence
  2. When Life Ends
  3. Inis Afalon
  4. Till Death Do Us Part
  5. The Eerie
  6. Beyond Praying
Gods Tower - The Eerie

GODS TOWER hail from Belarus and I am sure that many will hate this band. Why? I couldn't put it into words, but this doesn't change a jota in my opinion that they are brilliant and that I love them for it!

So, the foundation for sure is Doom Metal, you won't find speedy excesses, but they never fall into a lethargy or monotonousness, but expertly implement other influences, partly from folklore, and with this manage to create their very own sound, surely also thanks to the quite original vocals of Lesley Knife.

Already the twelve-minute opener "Reign Of Silence" excels in its epic Doom, folklore-influenced melodies and just those vocals, which all are varied so brilliantly that you never get the impression that this track is that long, especially the guitar-riffs are sounding different from the majority of the other bands! While "When Life Ends" also gets into faster mid-tempo-regions, "Inis Afalon" is a playful and varied instrumental, which also is not following the usual structures.

The title-track is something very special, borne by keyboards, a lone guitar and powerful, clean vocals, which in combination create a great atmosphere. Only the violin-cacophony at the end should have been cut out...

The voice for sure takes its time and you also shouldn't make the mistake of disqualifying this CD after only one or two rotations, it takes a little time, but once you get into this album, there is no turning back anymore!

Altogether an extraordinary album by an extraordinary band, which will be either ignored or hated by the vast majority, but all of you, who want their music accessible yet different from the usual structures and neither need speed-orgies or copycats, should, no, HAVE to check out this band!

Alexander Melzer

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