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Human Fortress - Lord Of Earth And Heaven's Heir (8/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 50:40
Band homepage: Human Fortress


  1. The Dragons Lair
  2. Under Black Age Toil
  3. Lord Of Earth & Heavens Heir
  4. Divine Astronomy
  5. Stroke Of Fate
  6. Amberdawn
  7. The Fortress
  8. Forgive & Forget
  9. Damned To Bedlam
  10. Light Beyond Horizon
  11. Little Flame
Human Fortress - Lord Of Earth And Heaven's Heir
After a great demo-CD the True Metalians of HUMAN FORTRESS have earned (really earned!) a deal with Limb Music. Their melodic Epic Metal is very catchy and blessed with some very strong emotional moments. Thank God the band from Lower Saxony is not a friend of nursery-rhyme-melodies and tries everything to sound original.

And they really succeed, because especially songs like "Amberdawn" or "Under Black Age Toil" fully convinced me. Straight crackers like "Divine Astronomy" or "Light Beyond Horizon" alternate with more dramatic pieces like the title-track or the closing great "Little Flames". "Dragon's Lair", off the "Unerhört"-sampler, is the opening track of this album! The vocals of frontman Jioti Parcharidis are very homogenous and are not unnerving in the least. All ten songs (plus instrumental) have strong melody-lines and are damn well produced. Producer-legend Tommy Newton saw to that!

Power Metal-freaks should not leave this great CD unnoticed, somehow I'd rather have placed this band into Scandinavia. You hear in this CD that the band has put much heart-blood and dedication into this one. For sure not a quickly assembled construct, but a classy debut! Keep an eye on them!

Ralf Henn

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