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Blinded By Faith - Under An Occult Sun (8/10) - Canada - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Galy Records
Playing time: 43:46
Band homepage: Blinded By Faith


  1. Tear The Purple Curtain
  2. A Perfect Imperfection
  3. Burning Rebellion
  4. The World Has Something To Offer
  5. Under An Occult Sun
  6. Submit To The Summit
  7. The Last Missive
  8. Reptilian Shudders
  9. The Triumph Of Treachery
Blinded By Faith - Under An Occult Sun
Move over CRADLE OF FILTH…Canada has a band that may just someday beat you at your own game. Better yet, they may just someday step up to a level Dani and the evil ones won't reach. Can this really be possible? Not likely…the FILTHy ones have a pretty good hold on the melodic Black Metal throne. There is one thing though that BLINDED BY FAITH has that CRADLE does not…a great singer whose voice does not annoy most everyone. Sure singer, Tommy sounds like Dani up to that point just before Dani makes you suicidal but he never goes beyond sounding anything but positively wicked. So as far as the masses go, COF will stay on top but when it comes to people in the know, BLINDED BY FAITH are worthy of some respect.

Complete with beautiful melodic keys, occasional blast-beats and multi-layered evil vocals, BLINDED BY FAITH have studied their craft intensely and the results are apparent. These evil Canadians manage to write some extremely strong material despite the inability to segregate themselves from the world in dark, medieval castles of yesteryear.

The big difference I see with BLINDED BY FAITH is their Black Metal-ness is not really very apparent. Their cover artwork hints to the dark side but it could just as easily be a Power Metal CD cover. The lyrics deal with the negative but are not overtly satanic or evil. To be honest, that makes them a lot more meaningful but may not appeal to your typical goat lover.

From the ominous opener "Tear The Purple Curtains" to the political thrasher "Submit To The Summit" to the closing "The Triumph Of Treachery" BLINDED BY FAITH show they have mastered the art of story-telling. They use accompanying guitars, drums and keys so well in building up momentum and suspense like few others I know.

BLINDED BY FAITH is a band worthy of your time. If you look at CRADLE OF FILTH and like their sound but want better vocals and less evil lyrics then you are on the right track here. They may not yet have the maturity and depth of their counterparts but only time can bring them nearer. Check out some samples from their debut EP at the bands website and you shall not be disappointed. (Online October 15, 2003)

Corey Nelson

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