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Rain Paint - Nihil Nisi Mors (8/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Playing time: 50:21
Band homepage: Rain Paint


  1. Forbidden Love
  2. Rain Paint
  3. Death Drive & Fear
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. Miss Spring
  6. Raven Nevermore
  7. Freezes Day
  8. Loose And Over
Rain Paint - Nihil Nisi Mors
From My Kingdom Music I just received this rather interesting album from a band which contains members of the very impressive RAPTURE as well as FRAGILE HOLLOW and DENIGRATE. RAIN PAINT describe what they play as a essentially a mixture of Gothic, Doom, Melodic Death and Progressive elements and I for one agree as these style do blend strangely very well in this release.

Aside from the already impressive band line-up of Aleksi Ahokas (RAPTURE), Sami Koikkalainen (FRAGILE HOLLOW) and Tim Toivanen (DENIGRATE) various guest appearances are made. The most notable is RAPTURE's vocalist Henri Villberg who adds his powerful growls and nice clean vocals (Just as a sidenote from Aleksi, the clean vocals are his, hehe - Alex) to "Rain Paint", "Death Drive & Fear" and "Miss Spring".

In general the vocals are layered (very notable in the Henri Villberg tracks) as clean vocals are blended over the top and juxtaposed perfectly to create a very powerful effect of sheer desolation which can contrast again rather effectively with some of the more up beat Melodic Death Metal inspired riffing ("Death Drive & Fear"). The riffing in general owes a lot to various bands and styles as one moment you will be reminiscing of KATATONIA and the next "Projector" era DARK TRANQUILLITY with many great doom bands in between. All of this creates a very epic effect when the various segments gel together in harmony or discord depending on the desired effect which the band have the ability to mix and match at will.

"Miss Spring" is a very Doom orientated song with crushingly heavy chords, nice sad Gothic sounding melodies in the style of MY DYING BRIDE or more noticeable early ANATHEMA with more powerful growled vocals than the aforementioned bands and melancholic clean vocals. This is one of the best tracks on this release.

This album progresses in a very duotone way yet with infinite shades of grey to add a lot more depth to their compositions. The use of the different vocalists assists in this as each has a distinctly different styles suited for different parts of the spectrum. Lead over simple rhythm reminds you of KATATONIA yet without that drony feel. There appears to be more here than the majority of Gothic Metal and this is due to the inclusion of other influences which has only helped the band in creating this fantastic album.
Available via Grau Mailorder.

The CD is available at for 13 Euro (plus shipping), if you send an order email to, stating "Order from The Metal Observer reader" in the subject, you will get this CD for 10 Euro (plus shipping)! (Online October 16, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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