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Gods Tower - The Turns (9,5/10) - Belarus - 1997

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Metal Agen
Playing time: 54:01
Band homepage: Gods Tower


  1. The Turns
  2. I Am The Raven
  3. Seven Rains Of Fire
  4. Twilight Sun
  5. An Eye For An Eye
  6. Rising Arrows
  7. Blood
  8. Mysterious
Gods Tower - The Turns

Album number 2 of the Belarusians and every bit as brilliant as the debut, just more matured. My general opinion, that GODS TOWER absolutely are not mass-compatible, hasn't changed even slightly, but maybe that is just another sign for their geniality and brilliance...

After the intro "The Turns" they show with "I Am The Raven" that they are sounding just different and at the same opportunity present us with a brilliant mix of all the elements that make this band stand out from the vast mass of Metal-bands: doomy atmosphere, guitar-melodies of just the different kind, a very varied song-structure and original vocals. "Seven Rains Of Fire" continues this in impressive fashion, while here not the Doom is in the foreground, but a nice and crunchy sound.

"Twilight Sun" could almost be named a ballad, introduced by an electric guitar and a clean voice, it turns into a mixture of ballad and Doom, which just places its enchantment upon you, great! After "Rising Arrows" with its great riff, "Blood" for the first time shows the faster side of GODS TOWER, driven by thundering double-bass, before "Mysterious" ends the album with piano and vocals.

Just like the debut "The Eerie" beyond the much-trodden paths, GODS TOWER again excel as an extraordinary band, which leaves me speechless in awe every time I listen to it! 'Nuff said!

Alexander Melzer

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