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Repentance Born - Follow The Sun EP (-/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Confidential
Playing time: 16:55
Band homepage: -


  1. No Destination
  2. Repentance
  3. Fade
  4. As The Candle Is Lit
  5. Take The Hit
Repentance Born - Follow The Sun EP
Who is looking for a more lighter approach to Metal, a more mass-compatible sound should take notice of this UK band. At once their music brings both ANATHEMA and LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE to mind. REPENTANCE BORN plays a kind of guitar-oriented melody-rich Rock with a Gothic touch. "Follow The Sun" EP is the young band's first product and albeit falling short from both of the aforementioned bands' sound this is nonetheless a pretty promising debut.

"No Destination", though a good starter, is a bit of a mystery to me. The verses are very good, with good guitar melodies and a decent drive and would have deserved a better chorus than this one. Breaking down the drive into a slower-tempo passage with a bland riff that doesn't seem to go nowhere just isn't a good chorus…

"Repentance" then picks up the pace and doesn't let down like the first one. The good drive carries on nearly throughout the song accompanied with an underlying LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE-esque sad repetitive riff that is just fantastic! In the middle the song briefly melts away turning into a nice acoustic piece but picks up the fine drive soon again.

With "Fade" we get a strongly ANATHEMA influenced short track in the vein of "Shroud Of False", but without any changes in rhythm. And I swear the singer sounds just like Vincent Cavanagh in the end of that track.

With "As The Candle Is Lit" we have another song with that good drive, which keeps this song going. The chorus might have been a better one, but it's not bad at all the way it is. The last track starts with a QUEENSRYCHE kind of riff, much to my surprise and adds a bit of heaviness in the form of a bass boost and a more distorted guitar sound.

The musicianship is a bit unnecessary to go into, no one sticks out as better or worse than the others and all in all everything sounds as if they were in their rightful places. The production, however, should be taken into closer inspection. I don't know if it's on purpose or not that Tor Marrock's vocals sound as if he was singing in another room than the rest of the band and I can't help it but the whole sound reminds me of those lower-grade mp3 files. You know, the ones that were like 60 or 96 kbit. The higher sounds get blurred and everything has that "this doesn't sound right" feeling to it. A pity, as the music would have been a lot better had it a better production.

If we exclude "Fade", which is not a real song in that sense "Follow The Sun" has one good track, and three mediocre tracks. But anyway, four songs is not enough to say anything conclusive about the band and due to the low production that wouldn't even seem as a right thing to do. Fans of (older) ANATHEMA and LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE might wanna check this out, but I strongly suggest you listen to it first… (Online October 17, 2003)

Jari Huusko

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