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Leng Tch'e - Death By A Thousand Cuts (8/10) - Belgium - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: The Spew
Playing time: 31:24
Band homepage: Leng Tch'e


  1. Initiate Murder Sequence
  2. Strangled By Underwear
  3. Hypocriscene
  4. I Know Where You've Shit Last Summer
  5. Fuck Censorship
  6. Inferior Superiorism
  7. Get Rid Of The Rock In Your Name
  8. Cockporn
  9. The Regular Knot-It-All
  10. Chasms
  11. Schizotrendic
  12. The Scheme
  13. Straight Outta Boerecote II
  14. Mosh Of The Clowns
  15. Human Ignorance
  16. Graveyard Shift
  17. Delusions Of Grandeur
  18. T.P.
Leng Tch'e - Death By A Thousand Cuts
LENG TCH'E's style of Death Metal influenced Grindcore will appeal to many as they combine the best bits from both. From Death Metal they borrow a sense of heaviness and purposeful catchy low end riffing and from Grindcore they utilise short song lengths to punch home short and sweet their message as well as at times blistering speed.

When a band features members of ABORTED you know they have to be good and LENG TCH'E should impress anyone who enjoys Grindcore. The low end vocals sometimes get buried in the mix but the higher pitched Hardcorish screams are placed well enough to take full advantage of the powerful production.

Riff wise this album is full of great grooving riffs but unfortunately by the end of the album things seem to have lost their individuality and everything blends into one. The typical Grindcore use of samples is as ever present only here it is hilarious (especially the one teaching you the many uses of the work "fuck") and adds rather than subtracts from the music.

Unlike many bands (Goregrind in particular) LENG TCH'E manage not to sound fake or forced and their sound remains pleasurable and it genuinely sounds like the band members loved making this album as the riffs have that bouncing groove and everything works very well together.

If you like to Grind then this is up your street but bear in mind this is nothing new, just something old played well. (Online October 18, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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