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Darkness, The - Permission To Land (8/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Atlantic
Playing time: 38:20
Band homepage: Darkness, The


  1. Black Shuck
  2. Get Your Hands Off My Women
  3. Growing On Me
  4. I Believe In A Thing Called Love
  5. Love Is Only A Feeling
  6. Givin' Up
  7. Stuck In A Rut
  8. Friday Night
  9. Love On The Rocks With No Ice
  10. Holding My Own
Darkness, The - Permission To Land
THE DARKNESS rock! That's official. They rock as hard as AC/DC, have an attitude for good time Rock'n'Roll that MÖTLEY and CRÜE defined, the preposterousness of QUEEN and a lead singer that likes to have his balls caught in a vice from time to time! Therefore welcome to the world of THE DARKNESS where belief is suspended and where the last twenty years or so really never happened.

THE DARKNESS is the latest, in your face saviours of a beleaguered UK music industry. Displaying their propensity for 70's/80's Rock on their spandex pants THE DARKNESS pile into the AC/DC riff catalogue whilst visiting QUEEN at home and at the same time stopping in for tea with KISS.

"Black Shuck" is a song about a dog, albeit a hound from hell but it has one of the best Angus Young riffs you'll ever hear and the song just fuckin' rocks. Every other song reminds you of some other band. ZEPPELIN on "Get Your Hands Off My Women", KISS on "Growing On Me", QUEEN on "I Believe In A Thing Called Love". I needn't go on.

And just when you thought anything couldn't get more SPINAL TAP-ish the vocals of Justin Hawkins will either make you laugh or cry as he bellows from the pit of his stomach to screeching that surely only a canine could hear!

Originality is not THE DARKNESS's gig and you'll be hard pressed not to raise an ironic smile to a band who should be crucified by the media for their out of date-ness but are in fact the current darlings of MTV and the UK charts. It remains to be seen just how long Hawkins can remain so contorted and the longevity of the band must always be in doubt.

However ballsy Rock'n'Roll coupled with some killer tunes always has a place and right at the moment THE DARKNESS are inviting you to their party. Why not join them? (Online October 18, 2003)

Chris Doran

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