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Necrodeath - Into The Macabre (5/10) - Italy - 1999

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 33:12
Band homepage: Necrodeath


  1. ...Agony / The Flag Of The Inverted Cross
  2. At The Mountains Of Madness
  3. Sauthenerom
  4. Mater Tenebrarum
  5. Necrosadist
  6. Internal Decay
  7. Graveyard Of The Innocents
  8. The Undead / Agony (Reprise)
Necrodeath - Into The Macabre
A re-release, on CD for the first time - the NECRODEATH-debut "Into The Macabre" from the year 1987.

Well, NECRODEATH might be a cult-act and Black/Thrash an already ebbing trend (if it had been one in first place), but most acts are too dull and (I already apologise to all infuriated fans of this style) primitive to find their way into my CD-player more frequently.

For the biggest part fast Ufta-Black/Thrash, sometimes leaning more towards Black Metal, sometimes towards Thrash Metal, with melodies of a quite manageable number and even less variety never had been my favourite and, most likely, never will be.

All fans of this genre should curse me and buy this album without second thought, all other should try to make their own decision, maybe I am just not compatible to NECRODEATH and consorts...

Alexander Melzer

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