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Pretty Maids - Future World (9,5/10) - Denmark - 1987

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Sony Music
Playing time: 41:22
Band homepage: Pretty Maids


  1. Future World
  2. We Came To Rock
  3. Love Games
  4. Yellow Rain
  5. Loud'n'Proud
  6. Rodeo
  7. Needles In The Dark
  8. Eye Of The Storm
  9. Long Way To Go
Pretty Maids - Future World
OK, let's talk about classics here. There are a number of bands that are known for one album, yes one song even. Of course that does not mean that the rest of the releases was not good as well, but there is that one very special track. One of those bands that attained almost legendary status hails from Denmark and bears a rather misleading name: PRETTY MAIDS.

I still vividly remember the time I had heard this one song, "Future World" for the first time. I was fascinated by the crass contrast right at the beginning, the quite raw guitar riff, followed by the same melody played by the keyboards and after that pure energy! Like other songs that truly changed my life as a Metalhead, this song, too, was contained on one of those tape samplers, copied dozens of time and it was one of the reasons, why I found my way into Metal. So if you want, these five Danes are co-responsible for you being able to read these pages in first place! So let us commemorate this fact for a few seconds thank you!

But they are far from done with this, because on "Future World" (the album) we get one classic after the other, the stomping "We Came To Rock", the Melodic Rocker "Love Games", then the next breaker: "Yellow Rain". Starting out slowly, the song rises into a powerful breaker of the typical PRETTY MAIDS category, where singer Ronnie Atkins once more shows his facetful voice, from silky soft to a powerful roar, plus the great guitar work of Ken Hammer, just listen to this harmony solo, brilliant!

After the powerful "Loud'n'Proud" (again with strong harmony solo :)) and the rocker "Rodeo" the Danish quintet presents us another driving smasher in "Needles In The Dark", but that's not all yet, because "Eye Of The Storm" without a doubt is one of the best ballads of all times! It is hard to put into words, what actually makes this song so fascinating, but everything fits here, the atmosphere, the use of acoustic guitars, the vocals, the melodies, the interaction between e-guitars and keyboards, the haunting lyrics, just brilliant! And "Long Way To Go" closes off the whole thing in a great manner.

Speaking about the lyrics, PRETTY MAIDS processed pretty serious and deep topics, something that we do not get with many bands anymore nowadays, also to be pointed out! Add to that the cover of whoever (the booklet unfortunately does not state that), so the overall package definitely works and can compete with the music (apart from the slightly colourless inside). Well yes, the production maybe lacks a but of bass, but that is only a small "mistake".

Musically "Future World" is, I think, the best piece of music that PRETTY MAIDS have ever released and it is a true classic. Powerful, melodic, strong! BUY IT! (Online October 4, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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