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Hughes, Glenn - Songs In The Key Of Rock (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing time: 49:05
Band homepage: Hughes, Glenn


  1. In My Blood
  2. Lost In The Zone
  3. Gasoline
  4. Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)
  5. Get You Stoned
  6. Written All Over Your Face
  7. Standing On The Rock
  8. Courageous
  9. The Truth
  10. Wherever You Go
Hughes, Glenn - Songs In The Key Of Rock
For many he is just "The Voice" - Glenn Hughes. There are a few singers in the Rock scene, who have attained an almost legendary status and without any doubt Glenn Hughes is among them, the list of the bands and projects alone that he had been part of outside is quite extensive solo career is more than impressive already: FINDERS KEEPER, TRAPEZE, DEEP PURPLE, HUGHES/THRALL, PHENOMENA, BLACK SABBATH, John Norum, BRAZEN ABBOT, VOODOO HILL, Nikolo Kotzev's NOSTRADAMUS, HUGHES TURNER PROJECT. Any more questions?

"Songs In The Key Of Rock" is another solo album of the Englishman and who would really have thought that he would be able to deliver a weak album, will be "disappointed", because quality seems to be the middle name of Glenn. From the start he and his band convince by tight play and powerful productions, which should really satisfy any Melodic/Hard Rock fan.

What makes it a bit difficult to pick out single songs is the fact that the whole CD is in one track for me, without any info on which song starts where, so one has to be very careful and attentive not to lose the overview. But as we are here to help you, I , of course, did so ;) "In My Blood" starts out with powerful Hard Rock and Hughes' strong voice, where right from the start the mighty production of Jeff Kollman and Glenn Hughes comes to the fore, which sets the compositions into the right light.

After the more driving "Gasoline" "Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)" stomps through the speakers, with its drum/guitar element reminding me a little bit of LED ZEPPELIN, but that only on the side. The song itself is arranged and sung very hauntingly, very good tune! Just like the driving "Standing On The Rock", up-tempo at the beginning, then with a calmer verse, followed by powerful chorus again, that's the way variable Hard Rock has to sound!

I could go more in depth now, but that is not really necessary with "Songs In The Key Of Rock", because the album convinces as a whole and with its maturity. To say much about the musicians would equally be a waste of words, because that Hughes' voice is out of question is clear and the rest of the band follows his example.

So also in a more advance age (his first official release was in 1968, with FINDERS KEEPER) Glenn Hughes has not forgotten how to put out good music and if you have a heart for traditional Hard Rock, then you should at least give "Songs In The Key Of Rock" a chance. (Online October 6, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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