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Villain - Only Time Will Tell (7,5/10) - USA - 1986/2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Mausoleum Records
Playing time: 30:42
Band homepage: -


  1. Kamikaze
  2. Only Time Will Tell
  3. Tie Your Mother Down
  4. She'll Make You Fall [In Love]
  5. Kids Of Crime
  6. Just Close Your Eyes
  7. Thrills In The Night
Villain - Only Time Will Tell

The famous saying "The good die young" rarely held more truth than in the case of Carl Albert, singer of VICIOUS RUMORS. In the Mid-Nineties he fell victim to a car accident, which ended his life all too soon. Not least as he has been one of the best and most sympathetic frontmen of all time, whose main hobby was fan interaction. Now many people do not know that there has been another band before VICIOUS RUMORS, under the name of VILLAIN, which has one mini album to its name, titled "Only Time Will Tell", released in 1986, with Carl Albert on the mic. Now, 2003, Belgian cult label Mausoleum has decided to re-release "Only Time Will Tell".

Looking at the fact that "Only Time Will Tell" has been released 17 years ago, you should really not expect anything bombastic, VILLAIN are rather earthy traditional Heavy Metal with Power Metal list, which without any doubt lives off the guitar work and, of course, Carl Albert's pretty unique vocals. That it turned out to be only little more than 30 minutes might not be enough for the Carl Albert fan, but hey, better 30 good minutes than more with crap in between, or not?

"Kamikaze" (on the CD with a typo called "Kamilkaze") sets out up tempo, driving, with very good guitars and strong vocals by Carl, a very catchy breaker, which whets the appetite for more. After the mid-paced title track "Tie Your Mother Down" is rocking into your ears, extremely catchy, just like the following "She'll Make You Fall [In Love]", which starts out balladesque, to build up into another very catchy chorus.

"Kids Of Crime" somehow has a certain VICIOUS RUMORS touch to it, driving as it is, while "Just Close Your Eyes" then not only starts out balladesque, but altogether is a ballad in the typical power ballad style of the Eighties, before "Thrills In The Night" closes things off driving and catchy.

Altogether the production of this disc is truly remarkable, not only for the time back then, additionally the booklet also contains a few old photos of Carl, so what stands against getting "Only Time Will Tell" for genre fans? Basically nothing. So what are you still waiting for? (Online October 6, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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