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Butterfly Temple - Tropou Krovi Po Vole Roda! (9/10) - Russia - 2003

Genre: Pagan Metal
Label: Irond
Playing time: 45:09
Band homepage: Butterfly Temple


  1. Vabit', Klikat', Ston Glotat'...
  2. Slasche Vsio Zhe Mne (Obruch-Mesiac)
  3. Begu Ya Rysju, Begu Ya Volkom!
  4. Ogneboga Semargla Zhar!
  5. Poyti Za Ney Vsled...
  6. Nasha Krov' Odnoy Rekoy!
  7. Polny Tchashi Vrazhjey Krovi!
  8. S Sotney Devushek Soshyolsia!
  9. Gimny Roda Peli V Grudi!
  10. Tropoyu Krovi...
Butterfly Temple - Tropou Krovi Po Vole Roda!
Oh my God, there are bands that take three or even four years for an album and then come up with a lukewarm album and then there is a band like BUTTERFLY TEMPLE, which belts out three albums in three years, one better than the other and even more so has its own style. That is something that one should point out, shouldn't one?

The optical side of "Tropou Krovi Po Vole Roda!" has been further enhanced compared to the already great predecessor "Sny Severnogo Morya/Dreams Of Northern Sea", with even thicker booklet, greatly done, this time with less nature photos, but more drawings and everything, supporting the apparently again underlying story. That's the way that CDs are fun, when the fan also gets something from this department to sink one's teeth in, right?

Already the opener "Vabit', Klikat', Ston Glotat'..." disperses any doubts that the band might try to mask musical shortcomings with optical grandeur (who would think that doesn't know the first three albums anyway), because this so far is the pinnacle of the creative process of BUTTERFLY TEMPLE! After a bombastic intro the Russians set out very symphonic and melodic, but still with enough heaviness, with half rough and absolutely brilliant clear vocals, some keyboards, a truly magnificent song that you HAVE to have heard!

And that is only the beginning of a through and through brilliant album, which without a doubt so far is the best material BUTTERFLY TEMPLE ever have released and the almost frightening thing is that I am pretty sure that the Russians have not yet reached the zenith of their creativity… Because the following "Slasche Vsio Zhe Mne (Obruch-Mesiac)" brings us folky acoustic guitars, female vocals, harsh vocals, double-bass, a flute solo, with accordion and even trumpet (if I have not misheard), everything excellently amalgamated, holy smokes, this album gets better and better!

On with the album: "Begu Ya Rysju, Begu Ya Volkom!" is not as brilliant anymore, but still convinces with its melodies, the driving double-bass and female vocals, thousands of miles away from being a drop out! Then "Ogneboga Semargla Zhar!" (what's the matter with those superlong song titles all of a sudden?), which bears a certain AMORPHIS touch (old AMORPHIS, of course!) in the use of the keyboards, at first heavy and double-bass driven, then dropping in tempo, at first with rough, then great clear vocals, but always remaining very melodic.

"Poyti Za Ney Vsled..." then is an atmospheric interlude with narrative vocals, which then turns into the next hammer "Nasha Krov' Odnoy Rekoy!", partly very epic and melodic, with clear duet vocals, then heavier and at times almost furious, with harsh vocals, very varied. Also "Polny Tchashi Vrazhjey Krovi!" can be attributed this, starting out with rain and narrative voice, then turning into a very variable track, followed by "S Sotney Devushek Soshyolsia!", completely consisting of a folky flute, strong track!

The closing duo is formed by the very good "Gimny Roda Peli V Grudi!", again very melodic, at times pretty furious and heavy with folky influences and variable vocals, and the extremely melodic instrumental "Tropoyu Krovi...", which alternates between calm and heavy, closing off an absolutely great album.

And not only the brilliant artwork has turned into a tradition with BUTTERFLY TEMPLE, but also a strong production, which puts all the strengths of the Russians' sound into the right light. Unfortunately I cannot make out, where the recordings had taken place (I can read Cyrillic, but as soon as other fonts are used, the whole thing gets a little difficult…), but wherever it is, it is heavily recommended!

And for the third time already I am quoting myself, but it still is valid: "The compositions are very varied, original and most of all intense on a CD, which, just like the previous album, definitely is not suited for everybody, but who can handle the at times a bit unusual melodies and elements as well as the Russian lyrics will be rewarded with a great CD of an outstanding band, which just has to be supported!"

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Available at! (Online October 9, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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