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In Solitude - Opus: Universe (7/10) - Portugal - 2000

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Recital Records
Playing time: 58:04
Band homepage: In Solitude


  1. Awakening
  2. Alpha Event
  3. Stellar Phase
  4. In The Depths
  5. Journey Through The Black Hole
  6. Legacy Of A Dying Star
  7. Near The Event Horizon
  8. Beyond
  9. Empire Of Eternities
  10. Gravity's Triumph
  11. Requiem For The Stars
  12. Entropy
  13. The Decay
  14. Omega Event
In Solitude - Opus: Universe
If you look at the cover, the band name and the song-titles, then you should expect some relaxed, cosmic Gothic Metal, but far from that. Portuguese IN SOLITUDE play partly quite atmospheric Melodic Metal, which almost never reaches the upper speed-regions.

Besides regular vocalist Sérgio Martins, ORATORY's Ana Lara can raise her voice in "Gravity's Triumph", while the "Invicta Metal Choir", consisting of various Portuguese Metal-vocalists, adds a few choir-passages.

The songs themselves nicely work their way through your ear into your brain, but although they don't offer too much excitement, genre-fans should not pass by tracks like "Alpha Event" (which's only negative point is the a bit powerless chorus) and the highly interesting and variable trilogy "Journey Through The Black Hole".

Surely IN SOLITUDE cannot keep up this level over the complete CD, which diminishes the overall impression, but the foundation has been laid and with Martins they have a very good vocalist, which is able to leave his impression on the songs, so let's hope that this band gets the chance to further develop.

Alexander Melzer

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