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Vanden Plas - Spirit Of Live (-/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 73:36
Band homepage: Vanden Plas


  1. I Can See
  2. Into The Sun
  3. Soul Survives
  4. How Many Tears
  5. Don't Miss You
  6. Journey To Paris
  7. Spirit Of Live
  8. Iodic Rain
  9. Far Off Grace
  10. Kiss Of Death
  11. Rainmaker
Vanden Plas - Spirit Of Live
After three regular studio-albums and "AcCult" (with demo-versions, remixes and unreleased material), here comes the obligatory live-legacy!

Even though VANDEN PLAS can be ranked among Germany's best Progressive Power Metal-bands (Bavaria's SIEGES EVEN had split up far too early...R.I.P.), their status in their home-country still is one of an underground-band, just why? The musical quality cannot be responsible for it, because only very few bands from Germany can claim to have only top-notch material on each of their albums.

It's rather the ignorance of the media, label and also the fans themselves, who still view the band as a cheap imitation of the theatre of dreams (what they most definitely are NOT)! That the band moved to neighbouring France to record their live-album comes as no surprise therefore and was only a matter of time. There the band are very close to super-stardom: Fanatic fans, annual tours and sold-out concerts, all features only one Prog-band can enjoy in Germany: DREAM THEATER.

"Spirit Of Live" has been recorded in the famed Elysee Montmartre in Paris during the "Far Off Grace"-tour in February 2000. The live-atmosphere has been captured and the sound makes you feel as if you stood in the midst of thousands of screaming Frenchmen and -women yourself. As usual the picking of the track-list is difficult, what do you have to have, what can be left out? Well, in my opinion they have found a healthy mixture of "Colour Temple" (the masterpiece "Soul Survives" and "How Many Tears") and "The God Thing" ("Rainmaker", with Patrick Rondat as guest-guitarist), while the last album "Far Off Grace" (with the DOKKEN-cover-version "Kiss Of Death", with master Don Dokken himself on vocals), of course, has the biggest part of the pie. With "Journey To Paris" (a keyboard-solo) and the break-ridden instrumental "Spirit Of Live" there also are two preciously unreleased tracks on the CD, which cannot keep the standard of the rest. For true VANDEN PLAS-fans essential and a must!

Charly Kogler

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