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Luna Ad Noctum - Dimness' Profound (7/10) - Poland - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Golden Lake Productions
Playing time: 37:43
Band homepage: Luna Ad Noctum


  1. Dimness Profound (Intro)
  2. Traitor Of Sadness & Grief
  3. An Ancient Splendour
  4. The Last Coldest Sunset
  5. Moonlit Sanctum
  6. The Mirror Of Our Curse
  7. Mental Spirit & Flesh
  8. The Evil's God (Await Us)
  9. Her Raven's Aura (Outro)
  10. The Last Coldest Sunset (Video)
Luna Ad Noctum - Dimness' Profound
Hmm…Poland has already gained a name with their several high class Death Metal acts and is now gaining a name in Black Metal too, well a bigger name at least. After the disappointing TENEBROSUS experience here is LUNA AD NOCTUM with their debut full-length to remedy that. Actually this was released a couple of years ago already, but only in Poland and only now gets released worldwide through Golden Lake.

Atmospheric Black Metal like EMPEROR or the earlier works of DIMMU BORGIR describes this pretty well. LUNA AD NOCTUM's fast, aggressive type of Black Metal is infested with calmer passages and a heavy dose of synths. Whereas I usually prefer the traditional (read primitive) Black Metal this is a welcomed change. Sharp guitars spew forth nice riffs while the vocals are pretty hellish indeed. The drummer uses blastbeats but often slows down to a more mid-paced drumming and all of this is underlayed with a good use of synths. Every song is different from the other and all of them are equally good, though "Mental Spirit & Flesh" is probably the best of them all with its great guitar runs. And not only does every song sound different but each song has a good amount of variation in them with their ups and downs, faster Black Metal attacks and calm emotional parts.

Fans of atmospheric Black Metal and the said bands could find this to their liking. Those who get shivers from the mere word synths should at least try this out. Who knows, you just might like LUNA AD NOCTUM's rather infectious Black Metal sound.

Check-out tips: "Traitor Of Sadness & Grief", "The Last Coldest Sunset", "Mental Spirit & Flesh" and "The Evil's God (Await Us)" (Online October 30, 2003)

Jari Huusko

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