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Gravestone - Back To Attack (8/10) - Germany - 1985

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: in-akustik
Playing time: 46:12
Band homepage: -


  1. I Love The Night
  2. The Tiger
  3. Back To Attack
  4. Break Out
  5. Menuett
  6. Won't Stop Rocking
  7. Dirty Tales
  8. Suicide
  9. You Are The Sun
  10. Rock'n'roll Is Easy (Live)
  11. Son Of The Freeway (Live)
Gravestone - Back To Attack
Around Ulm in the 80s a big number of very good Heavy Metal bands existed. And almost all of them somehow came out via Gama Records. And none of these bands ever managed to come out into the open, even though many good to great albums were among them. So the usual story of the prophet in the own land.

One of these bands had been GRAVESTONE, who released three good albums and the 85 album "Back To Attack" is a true hammerstroke, still. Simple, pure Heavy Metal. Intelligently done, going into your ear right away and without big weaknesses. Songs like "The Tiger", starting with a tolling bell and rocking along, which could easily measure up to some ACCEPT hymns, then the title song, with its great guitar solos, the fast and hefty "Won't Stop Rocking", the gallopping "Dirty Tales" with its "pleasure slave" moans, plus hymns such as "Rock'n'Roll Is Easy" and "Son Of The Freeway" manage to get (at least me) people going.

I couldn't really say much more about this album, apart from maybe the fact that guitarist Mathias 'Don' Dieth later briefly showed up with SINNER and U.D.O. Who likes HAMMERFALL and co. also should like GRAVESTONE. Just to find them, that is the problem, because the CDs are pretty rare by now. (Online November 3, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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