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Protector - Urm The Mad (7,5/10) - Germany - 1989

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Atom-H
Playing time: 48:30
Band homepage: -


  1. Capitacism
  2. Sliced, Hacked And Grinded
  3. Nothing Has Changed
  4. The Most Repugnant Antagonist Of Live
  5. Quasimodo
  6. Urm The Mad
  7. Decadence
  8. Atrocities
  9. Molotow Cocktail
  10. Kain und Abel (Live)
  11. Omnipresent Aggression (Live)
  12. The Mercenary (Live)
  13. Apocalyptic Revelations
Protector - Urm The Mad
Not a milestone of European Thrash Metal history, but far too good to be ignored has been/is the second album of Wolfsburg based PROTECTOR. "Urm The Mad", so the title, still is a very intense wall of sound. Simple, gripping riffs ala old MESSIAH, simple, but still variable arrangements (as much as they can do) and go.

What had been the difference between PROTECTOR and the other Thrashers? Well, the band has been more menacing and more evil in all areas than the majority of the scene. PROTECTOR wrung the last drop out of all kinds of extreme music. From wild Grind orgies to sluggish Doom elements everything that just sounded brutal enough was implemented into their songs.

The Death Metal growls of Martin Missy gave the soundscapes the final touch. Nowadays this does not sound all too exciting anymore, but next time you put on your FLESHLESS, EXHUMED or BELPHEGOR albums, remember: PROTECTOR have been among the pioneers!

Also those amongst you, who rather prefer CDs by AUTOPSY, REPULSION, SLAUGHTER (Canada), PENTAGRAM (Chile) or ASPHYX should set out to find "Urm The Mad", it definitively is worth it!!! And the CD also features four bonus live songs. (Online November 5, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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