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Nocte Obducta - Stille-Das Nagende Schweigen (7,5/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Supreme Chaos Records
Playing time: 32:00
Band homepage: Nocte Obducta


  1. Die Schwäne im Moor
  2. Töchter des Mondes
  3. Der Regen
  4. Tage, die welkten
  5. Vorbei
Nocte Obducta - Stille-Das Nagende Schweigen
I don't know why, but with NOCTE OBDUCTA I always have a really harsh voice, German lyrics and rather quirky sounding Black Metal on my mind. And that even though I, as far as I know, only know two songs from the whole career of the Germans. "Stille - Das nagende Schweigen" is my first "real" contact with the band and I must say that I have been surprised, no, I still am!

Why? Well, because what I actually hear does not fit the picture I had from them at all. "Stille - Das nagende Schweigen" with its 5 songs and 32 minutes playing time is somewhere between an EP and a full album, so the price will decide, which of the two it is going to be viewed as.

But anyways. NOCTE OBDUCTA (as far as I am able to say this) have released their by far calmest, most melancholic and contemplative epos of the band history. Packed into a crystal clear, but still powerful production the Mainz based band proves that they are able to create deep going and multi layered compositions, which in combination with the poetic and deep (German) lyrics result in a musical creation that elevates you into a different sphere and at the same time easily surpasses some quite other bands of a similar direction.

Opener "Die Schwäne im Moor" with its very calm instrumentation and whispered vocals is just beautiful and even when the e-guitars unfold more of their melancholy and the vocals get a little bit more aggressive (but never turn harsh), this song is surrounded by an aura of beauty, of measure and the 4:17 minutes are over far too quickly. But "Töchter des Mondes" takes the melancholic atmosphere right up again, with a calm start, which without problems emulates the mood of bands like KATATONIA or OPETH, yet without copying them, emotionally gripping, intense, the voice in a hoarse whisper, here and there shortly covered by Black Metal shrieks, just to return to the melancholy of before, until towards the end of the song the Black Metal (especially vocals) breaks through more aggressively.

"Der Regen" then is quite a bit heavier, especially the vocals almost exclusively are in the harsh regions, while the music, too, is heavier, but still bearing the melancholic undertones in them, while "Tage, die welkten" more or less is a mix of the previous songs, alternating between calm and melancholic on the one and more aggressive on the other side, with the vocals following these changes suit. "Vorbei" then closes the CD with Black Metal shrieks with a bit heavier music with melancholic undertones, where I have to say that the Black Metal vocals in the end take away some of the fascination.

Altogether "Stille - Das nagende Schweigen" has turned out to be a quite haunting album, which draws its fascination mostly from its calm and emotional passages, with the lyrics following these paths, poetic and at times abstract, you can definitely hold something in NOCTE OBDUCTA's favour, that they have come up with a release that you do not get every day and if you can handle the harsh vocals (some might also have problems with German lyrics in general), then you should get this EP, the first two songs alone are worth the money for sure! (Online October 15, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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