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Horresco Referens - …Of Our Souls… (9/10) - France - 2003

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Anvil Corp.
Playing time: 56:58
Band homepage: Horresco Referens


  1. ...of...
  2. Gorgeous
  3. Purity of Sex
  4. Sarx
  5. Last Letter
  6. ...our...
  7. Where Sentiments Live
  8. Deceptes
  9. The Rain
  10. Suicide Planet
  11. ...souls.
Horresco Referens - …Of Our Souls…
HORRESCO REFERENS is a band hailing from France, they have a unusual name, for all of you that are a bit rusty in Latin, HORRESCO REFERENS means "I shudder as I tell the story". So, did I shudder listening to this? Oh sure I did! This band is awesome! Some of the best surprises of the year so far!

I don't know where to start, so let's describe the music… It could be classified as Melodic Death Metal, but HR draws influences from Thrash, Black and Power Metal, the music is very riff-based and they are many tempo changes in every song, the vocals are the greatest part of this album, the singer, Rash, can sing Death, Black and clean and he always sounds good! The mix of the 3 types of vocals are one of the first things that attracted me of this one. In addition to the nice vocals, there also are some female vocals in some songs, some keyboards and even violins! Damn this CD is great!

Besides the music, the concept of the album is also great (yes, is a concept album!). It deals with the loneliness of a planet in outer space, Ahmanem, but unlike other planets, this one had a conscience, a conscience that allowed to let her mind wander across the universe. In one of these travels, she comes across with a planet full of life, the planet Earth. Ahmanem wanted to breed life in her muddy surface so she creates a spiritual link with the Earth, in which human feelings would travel to her to create life. But bad feelings, despair and sorrow also travel within the link, creating a being of pure evil… The Cesspit.

Interesting isn't it? Well if you want to know how the story ends, buy the CD, or if you know French, read it at their website!

I like ALL the songs on this CD, they're all great, some riffs remind me of older MEGADETH and METALLICA, "Last Letter", "Purity Of Sex", some songs are dark, melancholic and very emotional "Where Sentiments Live", some others are crushing Death/Thrash assaults "Gorgeous", "Deceptes".

For all fans of Death, Thrash, Black or Heavy Metal in general check this out, you won't be disappointed, trust me in this one, this album just RULES. (Online November 8, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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