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Edguy - Theater Of Salvation (9/10) - Germany - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 73:19
Band homepage: Edguy


  1. The Healing Vision
  2. Babylon
  3. The Headless Game
  4. Land Of The Miracle
  5. Wake Up The King
  6. Falling Down
  7. Arrows Fly
  8. Holy Shadows
  9. Another Time
  10. The Unbeliever
  11. Theater Of Salvation
  12. For A Trace Of Life (Bonustrack)
  13. Walk Of Fighting (Bonustrack/Live in Milan)
Edguy - Theater Of Salvation
"Theater Of Salvation" is the third official album of the guys around Tobias Sammet. After the excellent "Vain Glory Opera" EDGUY once more topped their previous album and have delivered a real Speed Metal-cracker.

The album contains a very balanced mix of fast up-tempo-numbers like "Babylon" or "Arrows Fly" and nice mid-tempo-stompers like "Falling Down". The two ballads "Land Of The Miracle" and "Another Time" also are on the up-side, thinking of it now, this album just doesn't have any lengths or even fillers. The gigantic catchiness of the songs is a very big plus. Even after one listen you just won't get them out of your head and the second time around you will find yourself humming or even singing along already. Very high level of recognition.

Musically EDGUY mostly remind me of HELLOWEEN or STRATOVARIUS. Tobias Sammet often is called the twin-brother of former HELLOWEEN-front-pumpkin Michael Kiske, because of the almost identic voice (just listen to AVANTASIA, where both did some duets). But that, of course, is no disadvantage, quite the contrary! Especially the use of great keyboards, loosening up and enriching the songs, reminds me of STRATOVARIUS. Add to that some cool choir-vocals, which give a really fat vocal-section.

The production has turned out to be very well, each instrument can clearly be heard and is well mixed. The guitars are shredding and the double-bass are thundering through the songs. The great and melodic guitar-solos of Jens Ludwig und Dirk Sauer (e.g. on "Arrows Fly") are an additional plus. Lyrically everything are nice Fantasy-stories, like with many comparable bands, which are inviting you to read along. (Wes, so this one's for you, hehe - Alex)

In my ears EDGUY are one of the best Speed Metal-bands of our time and a real competitor for HELLOWEEN and colleagues. The band has everything to offer that each Melodic and Speed Metal-fan can hope for: catchiness without end, furious guitars, perfect drumming, great solos, nice ballads and everything wrapped into a brilliant production.

I recommend this album to all Metal-fans that like the above-mentioned elements as well as bands. I also recommend this album to people, who normally do not listen to Metal, you could like it (Ehm, would they read this magazine in first place? - Alex) (Best example is my girl-friend. She doesn't listen to any Metal, but even she liked this album and that is something quite remarkable). So folks, check this one out.

Oh, and yet another recommendation: Try to find the DigiPak-version, because you'll get two bonus-tracks, which are worth it!

Checkout-tips: "Babylon", "Land Of The Miracle", "Arrows Fly" and "Wake Up The King".

Patrick Weiler

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