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Falconer - The Spectre Of Deception (5,5/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 46:08
Band homepage: Falconer


  1. The Coronation >mp3
  2. Trail Of Flames
  3. Under The Sword
  4. Night Of Infamy >mp3
  5. Hooves Over Northland
  6. Pledge For Freedom
  7. Ravenhair
  8. The Sceptre Of Deception
  9. Hear Me Pray
  10. Child Of Innocence
Falconer - The Spectre Of Deception
Everyone knows that Kristoffer Gobel is the new singer. "The Coronation" is a very mid-paced opener with a focus on folk beats and vocal patterns. The drums sometimes double up in speed, but nothing that breaks the sound barrier. Not a bad opener, but this would be better suited in the middle of the CD. You must open up strong in order to captivate the audience. This may keep some hungry for more while others may just turn around and run without looking back. I plan to hang in there and give these guys a shot.

"The Trail Of Flames" is now what I am talking about. True Power Metal with rapid double bass drumming that will make you take notice. Kris' vocals are very strong and distinguished. In fact, the music could be played at a record pace and his voice would still dominate. This is intriguing to say the least. Plenty of melodic guitar riffs are provided for your pleasure. Some of the riffs contained within have a medieval feel that is cool without using authentic instruments that were once used to make the music. You tickled me with a feather by picking up the pace with "Trail" and now you go back to a mid-paced vibe with "Under The Sword" and now you have lost me again.

I am not against folk music. In fact, I like it a lot when it's not dominating the disc. It should be sprinkled sparingly to make it more exciting like AMORPHIS used to do. I know that this is a folk sounding record and they are good musicians, but this just happens to drone on a little too much for my taste. "Night Of Infamy" picks up the pace once again with the German Power Metal style that is greatly needed. In fact, this track kicks ass with its minimal use of blast beats that couldn't have come in at a better time. It adds much flavour to the song and overall sound and makes everything work out much better. You see, when you add Power Metal pacing along with blast beats and folk, you make things much more interesting.

The guys are very passionate in what they play and it shows. They have a great vocalist and use great harmonies and catchy riffs, but this is not my cup of tea. While I wasn't a big fan of the first disc, this one is a lot better, but not enough to hold my interest. Don't let that get you Power Metal fanatics down. I can see that this takes several listens to get it. I have tried to give this disc a few spins, but doesn't do anything to captivate me. (Online January 11, 2004)

Joe Florez

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