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Perversity - In The Garment Of Lust (5/10) - Slovakia - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Perennial Quest
Playing time: 35:36
Band homepage: -


  1. Hallucinatory Mutilation
  2. Decomposition
  3. The Terrifying Jewel Of Fear
  4. In The Garment Of Lust
  5. Carnivorous Visions
  6. Insane Angelic Suffering
  7. Eyes Of Primitivism Closed Forever
  8. An Adverted Collapse
  9. Disillusioned (re-recorded version)
Perversity - In The Garment Of Lust
First of all I want to confess that brutal styles of Metal aren't exactly my cup of tea, I can hear them but only for a while, (this includes Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore and True Black Metal) so, I want to do a fair review, even though I don't really like this stuff.

PERVERSITY are hailing from Slovakia and this is their first full-length album. The moment that the first minutes of the opener song "Hallucinatory Mutilation" started to pierce my ears, I knew that PERVERSITY and I wouldn't be the best of friends…

Pierce my ears? No, is not what you're thinking, I can stand brutal music, but I prefer other styles, so, why this pierced my ears? Because the production is awful! The drums sound like a tin can and the bass player is wandering in another universe, playing a totally different song than the rest of the band, not to mention that the bass guitar is way much in the front of the mix, giving the music a chaotic sound.

I only found one song that caught my attention, "Carnivorous Visions" that starts with a playful but dark keyboard sound, that reminded me of Tim Burton Movies. I want more of this!!!

So, I didn't like this at all and of course that's my opinion, many people that like brutal stuff may like this, but you're warned: the production sucks. (Online November 24, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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