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Holy Mother - Agoraphobia (5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 39:41
Band homepage: -


  1. Success
  2. Modern Day God
  3. Heaven's Door
  4. Agoraphobia
  5. Hungry For Exxstacy
  6. Society, Anxiety
  7. Skitzo
  8. Nympho
  9. Never Say Die
  10. Sheer Erotica
Holy Mother - Agoraphobia
Many of you may not know of this band and that is ok. That is why I am here to help you out. HOLY MOTHER has been around for 10 years and released five CDs to date. I first heard of them in 1994 when their self-titled debut came out. The music was Power Metal, but the vocals were less than desirable for the simple fact that lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player Mike Tirelli came off as a poor man's Rob Halford. I pretty much left them for dead.

On this release, I was surprised at how they sound now. What a line up we have here. Bassist Randy Coven is on board along with Frank Gilchrist who is also the drummer for VIRGIN STEELE. The CD tackles a lot of wacky subjects such as fear of the outdoors and people hence the term "Agoraphobia". There are even topics of sex on "Nympho" and "Sheer Erotica". I thought this stuff was left for bands like POISON. Now that we are all caught up, this is how the CD shapes up.

Lots of power and groove dominate this CD. "Success" provides killer bass riffs along with groovy guitar licks that are not only catchy, but also powerful to boot. Mike's voice has taken better shape over the years. The Halford thing is still prevalent. Lots of low end is provided on this CD and you can really hear it on "Modern Day God" which is capable of rumbling your speakers and shaking up the inside of your stomach. The title track is loaded with power and never lets up. Mike and co. do a cover of BLACK SABBATH's "Never Say Die". Mike sounds so much like Ozzy that it's sick. The music overall isn't bad, but Mike really needs to find his own identity.

The knock offs of sounding like your idols gets pretty old quick. It's one thing to be inspired by your idol, but when you sound exactly like him all the time it wears thin and people will eventually walk away for good. I hope for Mike's sake that he hits his mark on the next CD. (Online October 28, 2003)

Joe Florez

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