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11 tablatures for Gehenna

Gehenna - Murder (3/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Moonfog Productions
Playing time: 31:48
Band homepage: Gehenna


  1. Murder
  2. Worthy Exit
  3. Devout Dementia
  4. The Crucified One
  5. Perfect Hate
  6. To The Grave
  7. Trail Of Blood
  8. Master Satan
  9. The Dead
Gehenna - Murder
The first two-and-a-half albums "First Veil", "Second Veil" and "Malice" truly had been strong releases... melodious, atmospheric, but still with the necessary crunch. Then came "Adimiron Black" with its sudden Death Metal-infusion and the corners of the mouth dropped: less melody, but much heavier. And now comes "Murder"...

You don't find many melodies anymore, the atmosphere has gone over-board completely, the former proud Melodic Black Metal-frigate finally as sunken in the American Death Metal. "Generously" poured into almost 32 minutes you get primitive rhythms, harsh riffs and much speed-drumming, but not the technically high-standing one...

No, if brutal Death Metal, then of bands that really provide quality, like VADER or such, but not this!

Why, oh why did you keep your old name, just to murder it so recklessly?

Alexander Melzer

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