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Mezarkabul - Unspoken (9/10) - Turkey - 2001

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 63:33
Band homepage: Mezarkabul


  1. We Come From Nowhere
  2. In Esir Like An Eagle
  3. Unspoken
  4. Lions In A Cage
  5. For The One Unchanging
  6. Mezarkabul
  7. Take My Time
  8. Pain
  9. Puratu
  10. This Too Will Pass
  11. For Those Who Died Alone
Mezarkabul - Unspoken
Even though the third and last album under their old monicker THE PENTAGRAM, titled "Anatolia", still is among my favourites, I could not make too much out of the announcement that a band named MEZARKABUL was about to release its debut. Now that I hold the album in my hands it becomes clear that it is not a new band, but just a new name, lending a pretty mystical touch to the whole endeavour.

Musically there haven't been many changes to the previous album, the Turks still deliver traditional Metal this side of the usual stereotypes and clichés, enriched with oriental melodies and instruments, which never are put to the foreground, but always are cleverly integrated into the songs. MEZARKABUL don't need to flirt with an exotic status, the class of the songs on "Unspoken" is far too great.

MEZARKABUL also never forget to give their compositions heavy guitars and highly interesting melodies and harmonies, which form a hard to be described whole, with the tradition of the Metal-elements and the folklore of their home-country as pillars of strength. That the quintet mostly uses rather slow-paced tempos don't detract much of their dynamics, quiet the contrary, they add to the atmosphere that makes up much of the appeal found on "Unspoken".

"Esir Like An Eagle", just like "Lions In A Cage" and the closing brilliant instrumental "For Those Who Died Alone" bear these oriental melodies in them, all three tracks are the absolute highlights of this album, together with the great title-track and the second instrumental "Mezarkabul". The clear production and the excellent voice of fronter Murat, who already had left his impression on "Anatolia" add their part to the whole thing.

Who has missed "Anatolia" should not pass by "Unspoken" in any way, because MEZARKABUL once more prove why they are Rock-superstars in their home-country. They can confidently say that they do not sound like anybody else, but that they are absolutely original, and if this goes along with compository class you can hardly make a band a bigger compliment, could you?

Alexander Melzer

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