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Pitchshifter - Deviant (9,5/10) - Great Britain - 2000

Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: MCA
Playing time: 45:04
Band homepage: Pitchshifter


  1. Condescension
  2. Wafer Thin
  3. Keep It Clean
  4. Forget The Facts
  5. Hidden Agenda
  6. Scene This
  7. Dead Battery
  8. As Seen On TV
  9. Everything's F****d
  10. Chump Change
  11. Stronger
  12. P.S.I.cological
Pitchshifter - Deviant
It's a long time ago when the British released an album titled "Industrial", which broke in like a bomb that time and outranged similar bands like GODFLESH. Within the years till "Deviant", PITCHSHIFTER crossed all kinds of musical areas without to follow any trend, rather they had been those, who broke boundaries and set trends for other upcoming bands. "Deviant" was their midhwile sixth album and they had been again lightyears ahead - they can proudly describe themselves as "unique".

It is true that they reduced the high technical costs compared with the predecessor "" (recorded on 64 spoors, a still pioneering production) but the new songs benefit from that because they are more catchy and melodic with less effects. The "technical overkill" (which isn't negative meant) changed with simplicity but still, it is an album, which is full of outstanding songs and despite the variable songs, they all build one unit. It's never losing its meaning.

Already the harsh opening track "Condescension" sets the tone for the next 45 minutes. "Wafer Thin", "Hidden Agenda" (the first single) or "As Seen On TV" are completely concipated classics for eternity and show off the more rocky respectively Metal side of PITCHSHIFTER. There are no actual check out tips because every of the 12 songs keeps up this level, so it's impossible to name one track as representative for the whole album. Who couldn't deal with the elder material of the band, will appreciate "Deviant" the soonest. In any case, the guys around J.S. Clayden made an album, which can clearly be seen as a grand masterpiece.

PITCHSHIFTER almost managed it to surpass their own milestone "" but this would have been a total miracle and they are rarely as you know. Nethertheless they kept up the high level and they completely satisfied the high expectations of their fans. To add is the "coverartwork of the year 2000", which displays, according to the band, the two biggest evils of the world. (Online November 19, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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