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Helloise - Fata Morgana (8,5/10) - Netherlands - 2001

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Transmission Records
Playing time: 57:10
Band homepage: Helloise


  1. Secura Prologue
  2. Children Of The Night
  3. Eloise
  4. World Of Make Believe
  5. The Game & The Rules
  6. Wasted Time
  7. Wings Of An Angel
  8. Dreammaker
  9. Mirage
  10. The Fugitive
  11. Secura Reprise
Helloise - Fata Morgana
Those were the times, when an album like "Cosmogony" was released. A milestone of Hard Rock/Melodic Metal, which had been released some time in the Mid-Eighties. The following album "Polarity" could even cement the status of HELLOISE, in their home-country of Holland they were real stars, here only few knew of them. After a break of more than ten years the come-back-album "A Time And A Place For Everything" was released, which completely drowned in the flood of releases. And the rather old-fashioned Hard Rock on that album didn't really interest the people either!

Now we have the next album and that one is a completely different calibre. HELLOISE have spiced up their sound, with symphonic parts and also a healthy dose of increased heaviness. The Prog-share also has been increased, but do not fear, here you'll find no musical excesses! It's rather a bombastic mixture of catchy melodies and great arrangements! The vocals of Stan Verbraak still is excellent, but the great song-writing lies in the responsibility of guitarist Ben Blaauw, a real talent! Songs like the gripping opener "Children Of The Night" or the grooving, heavy "The Game & The Rules" are passionate and are just great! And in the instrumental "Mirage" the old gentlemen show that they also technically are top-notch. Best food for Prog-friends! These Dutchmen also master this genre!

But I may not forget the best two songs of this album. These are "The Fugitive" a brilliant Melodic-hammer, not more and not less! Everything fits here, from the structure to the great multi-layered chorus. And the great "Wings Of An Angel", which starts out pretty Power Metal-laden and definitely is one of the heavier songs of the HELLOISE-repertoire. And again: great structure, great chorus! The only song that stands out negatively is the cover-version of "Eloise" from 1968. I've got no clue, who had been responsible for the original, but I don't care either! HELLOISE do a quite good cover, but that original?

So, friends of good Melodic-stuff! This is a truly interesting CD to be discovered! Don't let the super-kitsch-cover scare you off, the content is highly recommended!

Ralf Henn

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