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Torture Killer - For Maggots To Devour (6/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Karmageddon Media
Playing time: 34:29
Band homepage: Torture Killer


  1. Flesh Breaks To Open Wounds
  2. Sadistic Violation
  3. Motivated To Kill
  4. Necrophag
  5. Fuck Them When They Bleed
  6. No Time To Bleed
  7. Torture To Death
  8. Gore Terror
  9. Strangulation
Torture Killer - For Maggots To Devour


Knowing that the band took its name from a SIX FEET UNDER track, you can expect you have here another new brutal Death Metal band. And you are damn right, because TORTURE KILLER play fat and old-school Death Metal, musically inspired and by that I mean 100% taken, on SIX FEET UNDER and lyrically inspired by horror films and CANNIBAL CORPSE. This bunch of brutal bastards, looking like Arnold himself, kick then some ass with their nine tracks, that are quite fast and brutal and sound definitely like on "Haunted", at such a point that you can feel like this a just a cover band.

Conclusion: zero novelty and innovation here, you will all have listened to that thousands of times. Ok, it's well done and you can't reproach them much, but I strongly doubt that we needed another band in that style. Anyway, as SIX FEET UNDER become really bad at what they do, they can easily be replaced by TORTURE KILLER…with one condition: there must still be an audience for that Death Metal style! (Online December 3, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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