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Torture Killer - For Maggots To Devour (7,5/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Karmageddon Media
Playing time: 34:29
Band homepage: Torture Killer


  1. Flesh Breaks To Open Wounds
  2. Sadistic Violation
  3. Motivated To Kill
  4. Necrophag
  5. Fuck Them When They Bleed
  6. No Time To Bleed
  7. Torture To Death
  8. Gore Terror
  9. Strangulation
Torture Killer - For Maggots To Devour
TORTURE KILLER started out in 2002 as a cover band doing (you guessed it) SIX FEET UNDER and OBITUARY songs. They soon realised their own songs were too good to be left unnoticed. That led to the release of their debut "For Maggots To Devour". Considering that the band is about a year old and went from cover songs to writing their own it is understandable that the influences still lie heavily in the already mentioned acts. Even so much that for those who don't know the history of this band the music would sound like a blatant rip-off. Hell even I can't decide whether to let these guys off easy because of their history and because it is Christmas time or should I flame them for being a rip-off.

The music itself is great old school Death Metal, there's no doubt about it. Fantastic drive and crunchy as a frozen chocolate bar. And partly that too is because of their influences. Well actually it's completely because of their influences. Damn I'm gonna let these guys off easy, mostly because the music f*cking kicks ass! But I also cannot give them a very high rating because this is completely unoriginal and all of the music has already been heard dozens of times. If you like old school Death Metal and want to hear nine tracks of unheard SIX FEET UNDER songs then this is the way to go. (Online January 12, 2004)

Jari Huusko

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