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Gorguts - ...And Then Comes Lividity/Demo Anthology (5/10) - Canada - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Galy Records
Playing time: 75:24
Band homepage: Gorguts


    Demo 1990 (…And Then Comes Lividity)
  1. ...And Then Comes Lividity
  2. Haematological Allergy
  3. Inflicted Maturity
  4. Metempsukosis
  5. Calamitous Mortification
    Demo 1991 (Pre-Production Of Considered Dead)
  6. ...And Then Comes Lividity / Stiff And Cold
  7. Considered Dead
  8. Haematological Allergy
  9. Rottenatomy
    Demo 1992 (Pre-Production Of The Erosion Of Sanity)
  10. Hideous Infirmity
  11. The Erosion Of Sanity
  12. Dissecting The Adopted
    Demo 1993 (Pre-Production Of Obscura)
  13. La Vie Est Prelude (La Mort, Orgasme)
  14. Raturous Grief
  15. The Art Of Sombre Ecstacy
    Demo 1995 (Pre-Production Of Obscura)
  16. Nostalgia
  17. Obscura (Instrumental)
  18. Live (Val D'or, Quebec - 03/10/93)
  19. Inoculated Life (Live)
Gorguts - ...And Then Comes Lividity/Demo Anthology
Obviously, this isn't a CD for the GORGUTS weekend rider; only a dedicated, seasoned fan will have an interest in this collection of rare tracks. The first five tracks are highly essential, as they consist of GORGUTS' entire demo and aside from owning the tape, or some mp3s, this is probably the only place you can get it.

After that though, it pretty much goes downhill. The following 12 tracks are all different versions of tracks appearing on their full-length albums and you can hear why these cuts weren't used for the album. If you have the actual album there isn't much to be found throughout the pre-production tracks. Seeing how the first two GORGUTS albums are quite hard to find however, these tracks may provide some interest to those who haven't heard it. As for the tracks off of "Obscura" and "From Wisdom To Hate", you're better off sticking with the finalized product.

This would have been saved had there been more tracks like the last one. They should have cut a few demo tracks to make room for some more live ones, because the one found here is actually pretty good.

Had this just been a full live set and the first demo, this CD could have been fantastic. As it stands, it's only for the diehard collectors, because you won't be spinning this one often. (Online December 12, 2003)

Mark McKenna

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