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Dew-Scented - Impact (9,5/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 44:01
Band homepage: Dew-Scented


  1. Acts Of Rage
  2. New Found Pain
  3. Destination Hell
  4. Soul Poison
  5. Cities Of The Dead
  6. Down My Neck
  7. One By One
  8. Agony Designed
  9. Slaughtervain
  10. Flesh Reborn
  11. 18 Hours
Dew-Scented - Impact
The album cover and title says it all. The minute you hear the word "go," shouted in the beginning of "Acts Of Rage" you are pummelled into oblivion. This album is packed with rage and fury that makes SLAYER look very bad. These guys may have been inspired by SLAYER and their older peers of fellow German Thrashers KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and SODOM, but they surpass them with the greatest of ease and they are now the flag carrier for Thrash Metal worldwide.

The opener doesn't let up for one moment as they drive the hard guitars into your face and ears with drum work that will turn your stomach into mush. This is Thrash music played with precision, timed just right and complicated at times. The production is first class and you won't find many melodies here to soften the blow. They go all out and make no apologies for what they play. No corporate execs are going to tell them what the fans want to hear. This is what the band and fans want and we are all winners. The songs may seem to get a little worn out after a while, but I don't think so. Unlike DESTRUCTION, they try to and succeed in creating different arrangements that will keep this Thrash fest sounding fresh. The hooks may not be all that catchy and melodic, but they have a certain quality to them that will not only stand out, but you will be able to remember them for being harsh.

Killer solos that aren't filler are just the icing on the cake on each track and the songs are short for the most part so you have just enough time to catch your breath before you are beaten to a bloody pulp with the next track. Wear your best armour when you see this band live. I expect the pits to be very physical, violent and bloody. (Online December 19, 2003)

Joe Florez

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