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Gothic Knights - Up From The Ashes (10/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 69:03
Band homepage: Gothic Knights


  1. Power And The Glory
  2. Warrior Of Fate
  3. Down In Flames
  4. Up From The Ashes
  5. Vampyre
  6. The Witching Hour
  7. Sleepy Hollow
  8. Guardian Archangel
  9. Heaven's Fire
  10. Dear Queen
  11. The 13th Warrior
  12. The Machine (Bonus)
  13. Hungry Like The Wolf (Bonus)
Gothic Knights - Up From The Ashes
Insane! This album contains actually everything, which makes a friend of classic Metal happy. I don't speak of Death Metal fanatics, Nu Metal lunatics or Progressive worshippers, I speak of guys, who love, live and shit (sorry!) that original Heavy Metal with all its cliches. Because with "Up From The Ashes", the third album of GOTHIC KNIGHTS, incarnated HAMMERFALL freaks ("Down In Flames", "Up From The Ashes"), US Metal disciples ("The Machine", "The Witching Hour") and even obscure Metallers ("Sleepy Hollow") will have some decent fun. With "Vampyre" and the divine ballad "Dear Queen", there's also epic stuff on it. Not to forget are great hammers like "Guardian Angel" or "The 13th Warrior" and that's the direction of the whole 70 minutes! Also the experimental version of DURAN DURAN's hit "Hungry Like The Wolf" shines new with the Metal approach!

After two outstanding records via Sentinel Steel, it was calm around the "True" Americans from GOTHIC KNIGHTS, there was only a 3-Track demo, which obviously brought them the deal with Limb Music. The productive result comes out with a lovely-made DigiPak. There's also a detailed booklet to find as well as a sticker and a poster as bonus! And only this 4000 pieces limited first edition contains two bonustracks, whereby one of it ("The Machine") belongs to one of the highlights of the album!

What can I say about this perfect album? It exceeds all my expectations. First I was shocked about the European direction of the songs. But they are so great, indeed. But the most tracks present Metal, only American bands can create. You know what I mean, US bands have often that undescribable atmosphere in their songs - which is unfortunately missing with most of the newer bands. This spirit was also in bands like SANCTUARY, HEIR APPARENT or HELSTAR. But also GOTHIC KNIGHTS offer pure magic - I sometimes felt myself back in time. I loved SLAYER, RATT and WATCHTOWER at the same time - all bands played principally hard Rock! (Online December 15, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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