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My Ruin - The Horror Of Beauty (1,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 50:00
Band homepage: My Ruin


  1. Stage Fright >mp3
  2. Made To Measure >mp3
  3. American Psycho
  4. Spitfire
  5. Burn The Witch
  6. Radio Silence
  7. Hot In The House Of God
  8. Nazimova
  9. Stinkface
  10. Weightless
  11. Bravenet
  12. Ten Minutes To Hollywood >mp3
  13. Get Pretty
  14. Rid Of Me
My Ruin - The Horror Of Beauty
Ah, MY RUIN, arguably "The Metal Observer"'s favourite band... NOT! If you read Alex' review of her last album you'll know that the music isn't really top-notch... Moreover, her ability to handle criticism is second to zero; and that's an understatement! She sent Alex 2 lovely mails full of hate and anger and mindless bashing... Hence, our "disposition" towards her is slightly biased ;)

This "music" of her is absolutely horrible, the intro "Stage Fright" indeed does frighten you, with irritating drum sounds and just plain noise throughout the song... All of that is quickly forgotten when the vocals kick in. These are awful beyond comparison, very loud screaming void of any melody, extremely harsh, somehow it seems as if it is technically edited which makes it even worse...

All other songs are like this too, plain noise and her mindless terrible screaming which quickly makes you beg to turn it off! The only thing not totally bad here is that very few guitar riffs aren't bad...

A disgrace for Century Media, which has some damn good bands signed... The last song has a good name: "Rid Of Me" and I'm glad I'm rid of her music after this review! Now excuse me while I go listen to the angelic voices of DARKTHRONE... (Online November 14, 2003)

Milan Elkerbout

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