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Centurian - Liber Zar Zax (10/10) - Netherlands - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 45:22
Band homepage: -


  1. The Reading (Zarzax Unto Zax)
  2. Heading For Holocaust
  3. Colosseum Of Blood
  4. Hell At Last
  5. Ritually Slaughtered For Satan
  6. Feeding Flesh To The Vortex
  7. Conjuration For Choronzon
  8. Speech Of The Serpent
  9. Committed To Hell
  10. Fornicating The Nazarene
  11. Dead Black Nucleus
Centurian - Liber Zar Zax

(Un)holy shit! The best extreme Metal-release of 2001 right here. This is a simply amazing display of acoustics, and will surely go down as one of the best brutal Death Metal-albums of all time. I am at a loss for words, kiddies, but I will try to explain the godliness of this CD to the best of my ability.

Forming somewhere around 1996, this band has put out a demo and one full length before this, and it's strange that I have not been aware of their music up until recently. Unbelievably heavy and down tuned guitars dominate the wall of sound that this CD spews out. Rob Oorthuis and recently acquired Oskar van Paradijs are the most dangerous axe-wielding duo this year, showing off their technical brutality and skill from the first notes on the CD. Also newly acquired, the bassist/singer Jerry Brouwer puts on one hell of vocal show, displaying ultra low growling with high pitched screaming.

Right up to this point, I'd say, "fuck the drummer, if he sucks so be it, the killer guitar work by these three guys would be enough for an awesome CD". But wait, Wim van der Valk, the disgustingly awesome drummer takes the cake. This is the best recorded drumming performance since KRISIUN's Max Kolesne did a godly job on their "Apocalyptic Revelations"-CD. The drumming is produced the exact same way, with the kick drums being high in the mix, just perfect enough to make me tingle. Every aspiring drummer should pick up this CD and listen to Wim, so one can realize what years of practice do for one's technical handling of an instrument. Simply fucking amazing. Period.

Every instrument is perfectly aligned, showcasing that the band knows what they're doing in the studio. Clocking in at forty-five minutes, it's the perfect length for a CD of this genre, and god dammit it just won't leave my CD player. This is the best CD I've heard in a long, long time. I love this shit! (Online August 9, 2002)

Guest Reviewer Mike Stajic

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