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Artrosis - Hidden Dimension (8/10) - Poland - 1999

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Hall Of Sermon
Playing time: 49:05
Band homepage: Artrosis


  1. Lisa
  2. Black And White Dreams
  3. Dance
  4. Nazguls
  5. Seventh Seal
  6. Rzeka Istnien (The River Of Existences)
  7. Unconfined Insurmontable Forces
  8. Epitafium
  9. Gora Przeznaczenia (The Mountain Of Desstiny)
  10. Emerald Night
Artrosis - Hidden Dimension
ARTROSIS noun, Etymology: New Latin, from Greek arthrOsis jointing, articulation, from arthroun to articulate, from arthron; an articulation between bones; a degenerative disease of a joint.

Great, I've always wanted to begin a review with a dictionary definition, gives the review, I don't know… Class. By the way, the English form of the word is arthrosis for those who are interested.

Apart from a bone disease, ARTROSIS is a Gothic Metal band hailing from Poland, a country which breeds a lot of Gothic bands lately. My first encounter with ARTROSIS was their most recent album, "Melange" and it was nothing like this, "Hidden Dimension" doesn't have any electronic influences like "Melange", the roots of this band is Gothic Metal at it best!

The thing that draws the attention of the listener is the beautiful and haunting voice of female vocalist Medeah, reminds me a little of Tarja from NIGHTWISH, but the use of the vocals has a different approach here, operatic but kind of ethereal.

From the intro track "Lisa" you know you're dealing with a multifaceted and talented band, take the keyboards for instance, sometimes they play a secondary part, but they also provide a nice atmosphere, bell sounds, some violins and other things that contribute to build the "haunting" feeling of this album.

But if you're thinking that you only get mellow and slow-paced songs, think again, tracks like "Nazgul" and "Seventh Seal" have that particular Metal edge that we all know and love. The only sad thing about this album is that the chances that ARTROSIS record another real Gothic Metal album are very slim. Check out older discography for great Gothic Metal, but be warned, newer albums contain too many electronic "danceable" influences, I want to headbang not dance! (Online December 4, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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