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Hidden Hand, The - Divine Propaganda (7,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Meteor City
Playing time: 36:39
Band homepage: -


  1. Bellicose Rhetoric
  2. Damyaya
  3. Screw The Naysayers
  4. Sunblood
  5. For All The Wrong Reasons
  6. Tranquillity Base
  7. The Last Tree
  8. The Hidden Hand (Theme)
  9. Divine Propaganda
  10. Prayer For The Night
Hidden Hand, The - Divine Propaganda
So much for the legendary Wino (THE OBSESSED/ST. VITUS/SPIRIT CARAVAN) slowing down with the music business. This latest band is Doom Metal with a lot of bite. There is not too much Sludge playing on this disc. As usual, there are the heavy as hell drums, thick and low tuned bass strings and of course, Wino's metallic guitar sound that is anything but slow. Before you fire one up and kick back, you may want to check out the lyrics to this release, the boys have a lot to say here which is very political and contain a lot of social themes.

"Bellicose Rhetoric" deals with the government and how they keep many things secret from the public. "Damyata", which is hard and slamming, deals with the environment. "Sunblood" is the first track to really take it down a few notches as most Doom Metal is played here. The other cool thing is that the songs are really quick and not drawn out. They make their point fast and move on to the next target. Wino has done a superb job hooking up with a bunch of unknowns who are bound to be recognized musicians soon. The way I like to look at this is if you took out any vinyl BLACK SABBATH record and played it at 45 rpm, then you would get THE HIDDEN HAND. (Online December 7, 2003)

Joe Florez

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