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Belphegor - Lucifer Incestus (9/10) - Austria - 2003

Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 36:13
Band homepage: Belphegor


  1. Intro: Inflamate Christianos
  2. The Goatchrist
  3. Diaboli Virtus In Lumbar Est
  4. Demonic Staccato Erection
  5. Paradise Regained
  6. Fukk The Blood Of Christ
  7. Lucifer Incestus
  8. The Sin-Hellfucked
  9. Fleischrequiem 69/Outro
Belphegor - Lucifer Incestus
Here's another album that many of you are certainly waiting for and I can already tell you that they won't be disappointed. After their tenth anniversary album "Infernal Live Orgasm" and their arrival in the Napalm crew, those Austrians are coming back with their new album, "Lucifer Incestus", completely destructive and that will definitely allow them to reach the upper category, the one of the elite.

First of all, their sound is huge, due to a passage in the Mastersound Studios with Alex Krull. And the whole album simply kicks ass, with a strength that can be compared to the one of DARK FUNERAL's "Diabolis Interium": their new drummer, Torturer, is blasting like a hell's pig, the guitars destroy everything on their passage and are half way between Black and Death Metal and the infernal voice of Helmut gives the whole thing another dimension of brutality.

Well, you'll have understood it, this is an album that will make you headbang like fuck, that will possess you and inflict you hellish torments and that will certainly be able to remove some paralytics from their wheelchairs… Full speed, maximal acceleration, towards hell and with BELPHEGOR behind the steering wheel! Achtung Panzer! (Online January 7, 2004)

Thomas Bonnicel

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