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Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus (7,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Victory
Playing time: 52:56
Band homepage: Between The Buried And Me


  1. Lost Perfection A Coulrophobia
  2. B. Anablephobia
  3. Camilla Rhodes
  4. Moredecai
  5. Reaction
  6. Shevanel Take 2
  7. Ad A Dglgmut
  8. Destructo Spin
  9. Aesthetic
  10. The Need For Repitition
Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus
This is the kind of album which I hate, not because it's bad but because I cannot decide whether to hail this as a masterpiece of modern Metal or to condemn it for it's over use of styles. Basically what you have here on "The Silent Circus" is a little bit of everything as BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME could equally appeal to fans of Metalcore bands like SIKTH as they could to fans of brutal Death Metal, Grindcore or even fans of OPETH.

The primary problem I have with this album as that it is OVERLY chaotic and it changes far too often and therefore each promising section is cut short and not permitted to develop and shine. Primarily this band takes heavier Metalcore influences from the Hardcore screaming to riffing styles comparable with DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN or even at times MESHUGGAH and this for me is one of the band's greatest weaknesses as the style used here is very over the top, too unusual and at times even unlistenable as it becomes so confusing. The appeal is here and the musical potential is undeniable yet the songwriting needs to be developed to get their ideas more solidified and not so "loose".

The album, after the first three songs, does at times become simply a work of genius as, particularly in "Moredecai" and "Ad A Dgldmut", there are moments of sheer beauty in the music comparable only with Swedish Progressive Death Metal masters OPETH. The soft vocals layered over beautiful acoustics and melodic guitars are breathtaking and most importantly the band chooses to let these sections develop and unfold to show the full potential and artistic beauty of them. They add to these sections a nice contrast with the out and out heaviness of their more Grindcore or Death Metal influences sections making them like a more aggressive or dynamic OPETH even if they lack the songsmanship.

If any band made tracks in the style of the two previously mentioned then an album would be hailed as a masterpiece yet in this album there is too much Hardcore influence which is chaotically mashed together ideas for me to fully appreciate the band's intention despite their obvious talent. This one you will either love, not understand, enjoy in sections or completely despise. I think my opinion lies with the middle two... (Online December 29, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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