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Invocator - Through The Flesh To The Soul (7/10) - Denmark - 2003

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 54:07
Band homepage: Invocator


  1. Intro
  2. Through The Flesh To The Soul
  3. Writhe In Spit
  4. On My Knees
  5. Flick It On >mp3
  6. Infatuated I Am (Speak To Me)
  7. There Is No Savior
  8. The Chemistry Of Restlessness
  9. Under The Skin >mp3
  10. Fire Cleanses All
  11. Sand Between The Teeth
Invocator - Through The Flesh To The Soul
Who doesn't know the name INVOCATOR, the Danish Thrashers already had been in existence from 1989 to 1995. Then they took a "small break" of seven years, but since 2002 the gentlemen are back around. In the line-up of Jacob Hansen (vocals/guitars), Flemming C. Lund (lead guitars), Carsten Mikkelsen (bass) and Jakob Gundel (drums) the band released its fourth longplayer "Through The Flesh To The Soul" in 2003.

You really don't hear that the Danes had been away for that long. On "Through The Flesh To The Soul" they deliver fast, but also modern Thrash Metal. Songs such as the title track or "Infatuated I Am (Speak To Me)" go into the ear right away and take you with them through their cool riffs. Unfortunately not all the songs are like that. Basically you could draw a line after the sixth song. That should not mean that the other five songs are not good anymore, but they are less to the point. Tracks like "The Chemistry Of Restlessness" or "Under The Skin" basically are very good, but are a bit bulky and maybe also a but too long. With that the band proves that they are very adept at their instruments, but that takes away from the songs. Apart from that everything is good on "Through The Flesh To The Soul". The Sound is very good and modern. INVOCATOR prove that Thrash Metal does not have to sound old fashioned to really smash. The good sound, of course, gives the riff attacks an additional intensity.

You really have to hold it for INVOCATOR that they have stayed true to their style even after seven years of a hiatus. Only few Thrash Metal bands have managed overall to survive without trying to take up some trends or other genres. Break or no, INVOCATOR are among those bands, even though they sound more modern as for example EXODUS, SODOM or DESTRUCTION. May I quote the info sheet: "INVOCATOR are not just a thing from the past - INVOCATOR are a band for the future"! Let's wait and see. With "Through The Flesh To The Soul" the Danes have put down a good foundation for their new start. If the guys manage to get a bit faster and a bit more direct in the future, then we should hear a lot from them still.

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Patrick Weiler

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