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Name: Luca Moscatiello
Email address:
Functions: Reviews, interviews, articles
Compatible styles: As a rule I like to give a listen to anything I can, but I'm always happy to listen to some well crafted Death Metal.
Incompatible styles: Mostly Nu-Metal, Alternative Rock, brainless Pop and Symphonic Black Metal
Nicknames: LucaMetal (it's a clever nickname, isn't it? :-D ), genitalgrinder, chosen one
Time at TMO: Since August 2001
How came at TMO: Ralf contacted me after my guest-review of ALAS - "Absolute Purity".
The best thing as a TMO writer: Working with such an experienced staff.
The worst thing as a TMO writer: My system nearly got infected due to a virus forwarded to my "Metal Observer"-e-mail-addy!
Reviews 41
Underground 9
Interviews 1
Live reviews 0
Articles 1
Specials 0
How I came into Heavy Metal: It all began with a few used up BLACK SABBATH-tapes a pal lent to me back in 1989. Those introduced me to the world of heavy music. About one year later, I was into heavier stuff like to say MESSIAH, MORGOTH, BAPHOMET, ENTOMBED and the likes.

Birthday: February, 1st 1976.
Birth town: Naples, Italy
Present location: Naples, Italy
Job: Tailor assistant
Languages: My native language (of course), bad grammar English.
Hobbies: Reading, walking and hangin' out with my friends.
Pet peeves: Any kind of violence.
Phobia(s): I hate it when people noise off. And I can't stand loud television, too; it makes me go stark raving mad.
I, about myself: This would be unfair… IMHO (in my honest opinion) you always have other people to tell you how you are.
Funny childhood story: When I was 11, I nearly set hunger-strike up in order to force a girl to date me! Man, for sure that'd have been insane, but it sounded so persuasive in my head…

Band & previous band experiences: When I was in high school (around 1993) I pretended to be the drummer for an awful Death Metal-combo. We chose MASS HYPNOSIS as the monicker (inspired to the well-known SEPULTURA-song, y'know…). But it never has been a real band, it just was the joke of a bunch of kids obsessed with Death Metal. I was really a Death Metaljunkie at the times.
Instrumental talents: Drumming, but "talent" is an extremely broad word for my musical skills…
Favourite bands: Way too many to mention…
Least favourite bands: The most of the mainstream crap
Sound you'd like to have banned: None
Most overrated bands: Cradle of Filth, Limp Bizkit, Dream Theater, Slipknot, Hammerfall.
Most underrated bands: Green Carnation, Origin, Aghora.
Favourite musician: A lot
Favourite album cover: CARCASS - "Reek Of Putrefaction"; you couldn't find anything more shocking at the times…
10 favourite albums:

The entire CARCASS-discography
For being the best band in the history.

Giuffria - s/t
Hey, d'you know what? Greg was a freakin' great songwriter, and the album just smokes.

Living Colour - Stain
One of the most underrated albums ever...

All the SUFFOCATION-back-catalogue
If you never heard of this band, you obviously don't know what brutality in music really is.

Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast, Live After Death and Somewhere In Time
Heavy Metal in its originary form.

Faith No More - Angel Dust and King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime
Possibly the latest band to introduce something really new to the music world so far.

Possessed - Seven Churches
A dream come true.

Cynic - Focus
Well, this goes without saying.

Death - Human and Symbolic
These both are incredible albums.

Mark Free - Long Way From Love
I like it for personal reasons.

Hollywood Teasze - No Flakes
Ok, this is poppy Punk with Glam-attitude, so what? It definitely is a big ol'barrel of fun, I've played it really much more than some out'n'out Metal-albums...

Black Sabbath - s/t and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Well, I think you can basically pick up any SABBATH-album of the Ozzy-era and easily being blown away, but those two are a bit more masterpieces than the others.

Nocturnus - Thresholds
As for those times, a daring release to my eyes.

Most embarrassing CD in your collection: It depends on which point you look at it. On a strictly Metal-side, maybe the first Spice Girls-album can fit the bill here.
Favourite films: Platoon, Ladri di biciclette, Cruel Intentions.
Favourite books: Shakespeare's Tragedy of Othello (the Moor of Venice), S.Beckett "Waiting for Godot", L. Pirandello "L'uomo dal fiore in bocca", A. Palazzeschi "L'incendiario".
Favourite food: I LOVE jam, jellies and cookies. As a rule, salty food isn't to my taste that much. But probably the weirdest thing about me and food is that I do NOT like chocolate…
Favourite drink: Pure water
Favourite smokes: I don't smoke
Which song should be played at your funeral: No songs, just silence and flowers…
Idol(s): Kill your idol! Who said that?
Person you'd like to meet: The entire "Metal Observer"-staff!
Catchphrase: The bigger they're, the faster they smash you into pieces. (uh, optimistic much? Sorry, but I'm a tiny guy… LOL…)
Biggest thrill in life (so far): Each and every moment spent with my girlfriend (I'm a romantic Metalhead…)
Goal in life: Making a living with a music-related job.
Secret: Hey, I'm not going to tell you! A secret is supposed to be… well, secret.

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