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King Diamond - The Puppet Master (10/10) - Denmark - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 55:48
Band homepage: King Diamond


  1. Midnight
  2. The Puppet Master
  3. Magic
  4. Imerencia
  5. Blue Eyes
  6. The Ritual
  7. No More Me
  8. Blood To Walk >mp3
  9. Darkness
  10. So Sad
  11. Christmas
  12. Living Dead
King Diamond - The Puppet Master
The King is back! With "The Puppet Master" the Danish horror king delivers an album that will not disappoint any of his fans. Rather the contrary! The bizarre mixture of the King's unique vocals, classical guitar riffs, complex song structures, goosebump solos, creative use of keyboards and effect and the wacko horror fairy tale lyrics you only get with the master!

None of the KING DIAMOND albums so far has been as catchy as this one. The new album again has turned out to be a concept album, in this case about a psychopath, who turns living people into puppets. Quite out there, eh? The fact that KING DIAMOND feature a guest vocalist for the same time is pretty surprising, Livia Zira from Hungary is the chosen one, completely unknown to me so far. But she perfectly fits into the sound of these gods! Andy LaRoque once more shows that he is one of the world's best guitarists - his guitar work is just fantastic. And who never liked the howling of the King will continue to vomit with this album. Your own bad! Because this album is just perfect and endlessly cool! I even go as far as to claim that it easily can compete with relics such as "Abigail" or "Conspiracy".

Who has heard songs like "Blue Eyes", "Magic" or the brilliant "Christmas" will be as infected as I am! And all songs are quality material! Not a single bad or even average note has found its way here…I am at a loss for words!!! (Online January 3, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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