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Solar Dawn - Equinoctium (9/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 34:40
Band homepage: Solar Dawn


  1. Deicidal Beliefs
  2. Punished By Silence
  3. Spellbinder
  4. Deep In Mourning
  5. Artistic Blasphemy
  6. Vulturous Need
  7. Broken-Winged
  8. Autumns
Solar Dawn - Equinoctium
Now here is a band unjustly tarred with the "Just another melodic Death Metal band" brush, when they are good enough to stand clearly and plainly on their own. SOLAR DAWN made some small waves with the release of their "Frostwork" MCD and this is the full length that makes good on the promise of that little disc. It's a shame that the scene has gotten so flooded with mediocre or downright bad bands that a truly excellent CD like this can slip by almost unnoticed.

So yes, this is a Melodic Death Metal CD, but listen before you dismiss, because these guys are not the flavour of the week, but a band with chops to stand the test. A lot of bands of all genres get by without being able to write good songs and very few Death Metal bands can resist the urge to just skate along on sheer brutality or speed. Not SOLAR DAWN. This disc is blistering with killer riffs and amazing hooks that stick in your brain like harpoons. One listen to "Artistic Blasphemy" and I was snared and a year after I heard it I still haven't managed to get it loose from my skull, or the monstrous riff of "Punished By Silence". This is mostly midpaced Death Metal, but it bristles with catchy riffs and headbanging tempos and there is simply not a bad song on here. Hell, there aren't even any mediocre ones.

In a field crowded with wannabes this is the real deal and I cannot adequately express how good this disc is, nor how disappointed I am that it has not made more of a splash. I wish a bigger label like Nuclear Blast would sign these guys before reaching for another crappy act like SOILWORK or SHADOWS FALL. No gimmick here, no bullshit posturing or 'evolving' into some sucky Mallcore band. SOLAR DAWN just kick ass and I for one hope nothing stops them. (Online January 6, 2004)

Paul Batteiger

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