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Asterius - A Moment Of Singularity (7,5/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Gothic Black Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Playing time: 40:16
Band homepage: Asterius


  1. Frozen Zodiac >mp3
  2. On Black Tusk
  3. A Greater Path
  4. Another Me
  5. Multiverse
  6. The One Perspective
  7. Gemini North
  8. Continuum
  9. One Perspective (A Different Perspective remix)
Asterius - A Moment Of Singularity
This has got to be the most unique and distinct band in this genre. They are about as out there as SOLEFALD. Solid guitar riffs that are heavy combined with dark atmospheres and quick double bass drumming set the tone. The vocals from Andrash are clean, but are high pitched and he manages to hit those evil Black Metal growls that are matched with blast beats. The song structuring is very quirky. It moves around rather quickly so you have to pay attention. All of this is heard on "Frozen Zodiac" and it flies by so quickly that you will have to listen to it again to hear what is going on. You have to hear it to understand. It's very unique.

"On Black Dusk" is a little more straightforward. The beats and riffs are fast and clean, while the vocals go back and forth. Andrash's vocals when sung in a clean manor sound like James Rivera of HELSTAR and DESTINY'S END fame. This track is melodic Black Metal that is simpler to follow than the opener. "A Greater Path" starts off simple enough, but toward the end things get quirky once again with these odd keyboard tones that seem to come out of left field. The weird keys normally wouldn't work on a normal Black Metal record, but since this is quirky and out there, it works. Black Metal makes the journey into outer space with spacier and atmospheric sounds that surround "Another Me". Black Metal has been forever tainted as it now explores new and exciting territories.

Traditional Black Metal fans will shy away from this, but if you are looking for a fresh and quirky spin on the Gothic and Black Metal scene, then you will find this very entertaining. The only thing about this CD is that because there is so much going on that the songs could have been stretched out for a couple of minutes more each. It seems like with the short amount of time that each track is done in, there is just way too much going on to be handled. (Online December 24, 2003)

Joe Florez

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