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Bestial Mockery - Evoke The Desecrator (4/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Playing time: 29:10
Band homepage: Bestial Mockery


  1. Chainsaw Demons Return
  2. Marching For Hell
  3. Flash From A Razor
  4. Death Upon The Holy Skies
  5. Necromantic Ritual Desecration (Of A Sacrosanct Angel)
  6. Fumes Of Glory
  7. Goats Feast
  8. Soulburn
  9. Necroslut
  10. Evoke The Desecrator
Bestial Mockery - Evoke The Desecrator
Well, BESTIAL MOCKERY are now releasing CD's? Then the good old time is over and dead… when they released their old demo "War, The Final Solution", through Impaler Of Trendies Prodz and I would even bet that Fucked Up Mad Max his going to rise back from his grave when he'll know that his former protégés have abandoned tapes for CDs.

That said, what is the musical evolution of these Swedes since that? BESTIAL MOCKERY keep on doing their kind of very underground Black/Death/Thrash Metal, with the same mentality as the cykos of DEMONIAC or SADISTIK EXEKUTION, two bands from whom they are very close on a behaviour basis. But if that folkloric aspect is rather funny, their music is not. There is no originality here, no strike of genius, nothing that's making it really worth spending time listening to "Evoke The Desecrator" in fact. And even the chainsaws don't make it interesting… Some might like it anyway, but at least for me, this album has no interest at all. Next please! (Online January 7, 2004)

Thomas Bonnicel

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