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Dakrua - Inner Wastelands (8/10) - Italy - 1999

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 42:42
Band homepage: Dakrua


  1. Under The Veils
  2. Mist
  3. Amor, Vita, Mors
  4. Of Chaos
  5. The Loss
  6. Inner Wastelands
  7. Echoes Of...
  8. ...A Silent Scream
  9. To The Sun
  10. A New Morning
Dakrua - Inner Wastelands
Italy and Gothic Metal? That should work? Why not? OK, so far Italy hasn't been a stronghold, to say the least, but rather for uniform Power/Speed, a little Progressive Rock/Metal and a few more or less obscure Black Metal-combos, but DAKRUA are a relatively new member of a guild that once had been overpopulated, but now is shrinking to a more tolerable size again.

DAKRUA use all the typical key-ingredients on their debut "Inner Wastelands", like Death-vox, female voice, keyboards and mostly mid- to slow-paced tempo with a high melancholy-factor. So what makes them stand apart from the others? At first look - nothing, but still this album differs from the usual mix.

So what is there to it? First of all the vocals of the lady on the microphone (unfortunately I don't have any information on the names) doesn't belong to the cast of thousands of fragile soprano, but has more power to her voice, something that really stands out positively. Then you can find dynamics within the songs that in the majority of comparable bands gets lost in sorrow and the all too-foreseeable duet of good and evil (vocally).

If you want to hear for yourself, then take "Under The Veils", "Mist", "Amor, Vita, Mors" and "...A Silent Scream" as feature tracks, if you are into this style, then you should not be disappointed.

Alexander Melzer

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